400kW Volvo Diesel Generator Technical Datasheet

May. 21, 2022

1. General technical requirements for power supply system

The design and manufacture of the system shall be based on the principle of safety, reliability, advancement, convenience and practicality. Its power control system, AC output characteristics, control operation and various protection functions shall meet the requirements of users. Adopt correct and reliable moisture-proof, waterproof and fire-proof measures, meet the requirements of safe operation, and the interface meets the requirements of the system; Operating ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃.

The modular design meets the requirements of rapid and safe relocation, installation and disassembly, and the overall size meets the requirements of railway transportation and automobile transportation. It has the characteristics of convenient use, maintenance and overhaul.

It has exquisite appearance and strong practicability, and can meet the operation requirements in cold, rainy and windy sand environment.

400kW Volvo Diesel Generator Technical Datasheet

System design and manufacturing standards shall comply with the following standards: 

GB2820-90 general technical conditions for power frequency diesel generator sets; Comply with other relevant electrical standards: IS3046, ISO08528, ISO9001, GB3096, IEC34, ISO14000 etc. 

2. Composition of diesel generator set

1)The main generator set is a complete set of power systems such as 1000kW jichai generator set, 1 machine room, relevant power cables and accessories. Normal operation is powered by the main generator set.

2)The auxiliary generator set is two 400KW (400V, 50Hz) diesel generators, with Volvo engines in Sweden, Stamford alternator in the UK, GAC electronic speed regulation system in the United States and the parallel control system of Beijing Lampard unit, a complete set of power systems such as a machine room, relevant power cables (connecting cables in the room) and accessories. When the main generator set fails, it is powered by two auxiliary generator sets.

The main generator is controlled in the MCC room, and the auxiliary generator set is controlled in the machine room between the two rooms. The main generator does not have oil tank, and the auxiliary generator has oil tank. The machine room is reserved with refueling and oil return ports.

The machine room shall be reasonable in structure, safe and reliable, and convenient for hoisting and consignment; It is convenient for operation and maintenance to ensure good heat dissipation and ventilation. The machine room is equipped with fire extinguishers, explosion-proof lights and other facilities,  the machine room of auxiliary generator set is equipped with 1P electric heater and double temperature control unit. The inlet and outlet pipelines of oil, water and electricity shall be arranged reasonably, and the inlet and outlet of cables shall be treated with waterproof and anti-wear treatment.

3. Specification of diesel engine of Volvo generator set:

Engine model: TAD1641GE

Type: In line four stroke, exhaust gas turbocharging, direct injection fuel system

Rated power (kw): 442

Cylinder number arrangement: 6 L

Cylinder diameter (mm): 144 x165

Compression ratio (L): 15.0 : 1

Total displacement (L): 16.12

Rated speed (R / min): 1500

Startup mode: 24V DC starting and equipped with silicon rectifier charging generator

Speed regulation system: High precision electronic speed regulation control system

Cooling system: Closed circulation, fan, water tank cooling, with safety shield

Fuel type: Domestic 0# light diesel

Fuel consumption( g / kW . h ) : 213

Oil capacity (L): 64

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