8 Precautions For Standby Diesel Generator Fuel Tank

Nov. 09, 2021

If you have ever used up the gasoline in your car, you will realize the importance of remembering that the engine needs fuel, and you will understand how easy this is to be overlooked. The same applies to the refueling of the standby generator. When the fuel is out of power for a long time, the fuel tank needs to be quickly stored. The following is the detailed information shared by Dingbo Power for everyone. The purpose is to provide an overview of the backup generator fuel tank; guide how to choose the correct fuel tank and ensure that your diesel generator fuel source is ready for the next power outage.


Fuel tank type: The most common form of storage tank for standby diesel generators is the base type, and the diesel generator is directly installed on the top of the fuel tank. If necessary, the length of the fuel tank will exceed the length of the unit to accommodate the required operation before being filled with fuel.

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Operating time: The operating time of the fuel tank is calculated when the fuel volume is 100% loaded. If the generator is overloaded when the power is cut off, the worst will happen. Multiply 100% fuel consumption by 24 = 24 hours tank. When choosing the size of the fuel tank, remember that the generator usually does not run at 100% load, so it may take more than 24 hours.


Tank size: As mentioned earlier, the size of the tank depends on the operating time. If the application requires a large fuel tank to achieve the required operating time, you can choose to fix the platform around (or on the side) of the equipment to facilitate maintenance and operation.


The operating time depends on the company: For example, in the medical industry, in important life safety applications, the fuel source of the backup generator must be at least 48 hours. Regulations in other areas may increase or decrease regulations.


Daily use or extended use time: When the physical size limit of the fuel tank is not enough, using a fuel tank may be a viable option. As a direct fuel source, daily fuel tanks accept fuel from larger oil depots. This may be a separate storage tank installed near the generator, or a basic storage tank for daily use. In either case, the daily storage tank is designed to be automatically replenished with an oil pump and a controller.


Types of diesel fuel: Standard diesel fuel is divided into two levels. The fuel type of the backup generator determines the local climatic conditions. These two fuels are usually mixed together, which can benefit both fuels and adapt to local climatic conditions. Fuel suppliers are usually familiar with the local climate class (or mixture).


Fuel oil processing and polishing: Diesel fuel generally begins to deteriorate and becomes solid within six months. In preventive maintenance, fuel treatment can be used to extend the service life to ensure that the fuel meets standards and is readily available. It can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, prevent gelation, and stabilize fuel. In addition, in order to solve the fuel problem, the oil tank can be polished to remove moisture and sediment in the water and filter contaminants. It is an economical choice for an environmentally friendly alternative fuel, because all fuels can be recycled without loss of product.


Fuel quality inspection: When the generator is powered off, fuel quality problems often occur during overload operation, and the reliability of the backup system is the most important. Before a fuel problem occurs, a quality and pollution test should be carried out to check the contaminants, as well as the overall quality of the fuel. Sampling of pollutants, including water quality, sediment, colloid, flash point and cloud point.


If you have questions about the maintenance of the fuel supply plan, if you have any information about the fuel supply plan, you can contact Dingbo Power factory for more information.

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