Introduction to the Characteristics of Dingbo Power Generator Storage Battery

Aug. 31, 2021

Batteries are an important starting component of diesel generator sets. They are divided into four categories: ordinary batteries, wet-charged batteries, dry-charged batteries and maintenance-free batteries. At present, all the batteries equipped with Dingbo Power diesel generator sets are maintenance-free. Battery, many users may not be able to distinguish the difference, so this article, Dingbo Power introduce you in detail the characteristics of our company's dedicated maintenance-free battery.


The Characteristics of Dingbo Power Generator Storage Battery

Advantages of maintenance-free battery of Dingbo Power:


Maintenance-free batteries, as the name implies, do not need to be maintained during use. Compared with other types of batteries, regular maintenance is much more convenient and practical. The maintenance-free batteries use lead-calcium alloy grids, and the shell adopts a fully-sealed structure to make it produce during charging. The amount of water decomposition is small, the amount of water evaporation is low, and the sulfuric acid gas released is also minimal. The maintenance-free battery based on its own structural advantages makes it at the same time low water loss, excellent charge acceptance performance, small self-discharge, and storage time It has advantages such as long service life, twice as long as ordinary batteries, and wide operating temperature range (-18℃~50℃). It is a diesel generator battery with super high cost performance.


At present, there are two maintenance-free batteries on the market: one is that the electrolyte is added once at the time of purchase and there is no need to maintain it during use (add supplementary fluid); the other is that the battery itself has been filled with electrolyte and sealed when it leaves the factory. Dead, the user can't add refill at all. At present, the maintenance-free batteries used in all diesel generator sets of Dingbo Power are the second type.


Technical parameters of maintenance-free storage battery of Dingbo Power


Voltage (V)

Cold start current (A) (-18)

Maximum dimensions (mm)




























Precautions for the use of maintenance-free batteries of Dingbo Power


1. When installing, make sure that the positive and negative polarity connections are accurate, and that the terminals and the wiring clamps are firmly connected, and no virtual connection is allowed. The battery technical parameters must be consistent when reconnecting.


2. In order to avoid the possibility of unsafe short circuit or affect the starting effect, the user must use a connection wire of suitable length and capable of passing a suitable current to connect correctly.


3. The open installation method is adopted. In order to quickly dissipate the heat during the oxidation cycle of the battery, a certain distance should be left between the batteries.


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