What About the Dynamic Stability of 250KW Diesel Generator

Aug. 31, 2021

What about the dynamic stability of 250KW diesel generator? 250KW diesel generator manufacturer answers for you!

Similar situations and problems will occur when the system is subjected to other large disturbances. For example, if the input frequency difference of 250KW diesel generator is too high or the input error is large, the generator rotor will also undergo the above acceleration and deceleration swing process under the action of diesel engine residual power. When the deceleration area cannot offset the acceleration area, the parallel unit will also lose dynamic stability. When the high-power asynchronous motor starts and the parallel unit suddenly runs out, the dynamic stability of the parallel generator unit will also occur.

For 250KW diesel generator power station, because the capacity of the power station is small, and the power of a single generator is close to that of the power station, the bus voltage also changes sharply in the dynamic process. Therefore, the motion of each sub rotor and the relative operation between rotors are usually calculated in the dynamic stability analysis.

What About the Dynamic Stability of 250KW Diesel Generator

In addition, most diesel electromechanical stations have asynchronous motor loads comparable to the capacity of the power station. Because the torque of the asynchronous motor is directly proportional to the square of the voltage, when the bus voltage decreases, the torque decreases sharply, and the asynchronous motor is decelerated rapidly or even stopped, which greatly increases the power absorbed by the motor from the power grid, This in turn affects the stability of the generator.

Therefore, when analyzing the dynamic stability of generator, the stability of motor (i.e. load) must also be considered. It can be seen that the calculation of dynamic stability is relatively complex. Only those diesel electromechanical stations with particularly high requirements for power supply are required to evaluate the dynamic stability.

Fault detection of 250 kW diesel generator by dynamic state compression method.

Dynamic compression method refers to the method to detect the compression problem of the machine in the running state. The checking process is: stop the operation of a cylinder in sequence, investigate the change of fault appearance, first check the change of smoke exhaust condition, voltage and frequency, and then judge the operation of each cylinder. For example, after the oil supply of a cylinder is cut off, the symptom of the problem is missing. It is clarified that the problem is in this cylinder. After the oil supply of a cylinder is cut off, push the gear rod by hand to investigate the change of speed.

How to ensure the stability of 250KW diesel generator in parallel operation?

Due to the inconsistency of instantaneous voltage between generator units operating in parallel, reactive circulation is formed. In this case, the regulator compares the deviation between the instantaneous voltage output by the machine and the instantaneous voltage of the parallel connection group. After the analysis and processing of this quantity and the set quantity (such as the mathematical model of 380V and its waveform) in the PID operation program, the data containing the instantaneous voltage deviation is input into the excitation current regulation unit. At the same time, the local reactive power and the set reactive power are compared by regulator B, and then the data containing reactive power deviation processed by PID program is obtained. The two groups of causal data are calculated and solved by the excitation current regulation unit based on software, and the information of actually regulating the instantaneous voltage of synchronous generator is sent to the excitation current regulation system of the generator. Thus, the instantaneous voltage of each unit running in parallel is consistent, and the reactive power can be divided equally.

From the above solution process of speed regulation and voltage regulation, it can be seen that whether it is the comparison and analysis program of regulator, the operation and processing program of PID, as well as the speed regulation generation unit and excitation current regulation unit based on software, it is due to the role of high-performance microprocessor in the parallel board. Therefore, the system can quickly and accurately give the regulation data in real time to ensure that the parallel diesel generator set is in a stable and good working state.

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