What Cause the Failture in Starting the 200kw Yuchai Generator

Sep. 03, 2021

200kw Yuchai diesel generator set can’t start normally is a relatively common unit failure. Generally speaking, the main reason why the generator can’t start is due to problems in the circuit and oil circuit. The reasons for the 200kw Yuchai generator's failure to start normally and the manifestation of the failure are also different due to different conditions. Dingbo Power reminds users: Understanding the failure performance of diesel generators and checking the basic problems are the key to solving the failure problem.


Why 200kw Yuchai Generator Fail to Start

1. Circuit

1) Starting system failure:

Circuit wiring error or poor contact:

Remedy: Check whether the wiring is correct and reliable;

2) Insufficient battery power: Solution: charge the battery;

3) Starter carbon brush-poor contact with commutator:

Solution: Repair or replace the electric brush, clean the rectified surface with wood sandpaper, and blow it off.


2. The oil circuit

1) There is air in the oil supply system

Remedy: Check whether the oil supply pipe joints are loose. Loosen the bleed screw on the fuel filter assembly, and use a hand pump to pump the fuel oil until the spilled fuel does not contain bubbles. Loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe joint at the end of the fuel injector, and use manual spring pressure to deliver fuel until the spilled fuel does not contain bubbles.

2) The fuel line is blocked

Remedy: Check whether the oil supply pipeline is unobstructed

3) The fuel filter is blocked

Remedy: Replace the spin-on eight filter element of the fuel filter/oil-water separator assembly

4) The oil pump does not supply or intermittently supply oil

Remedy: Check if the oil inlet pipe is leaking, and if the filter of the oil pump is blocked

5) Less fuel injection, no fuel injection or low fuel injection pressure

Remedy: Check the atomization of the fuel injector; whether the plunger of the fuel injection pump and the delivery valve are worn or stuck, whether the plug spring and the delivery valve spring are broken;

6) The joint of the fuel cut-off solenoid valve is loose or dirty or corroded:

Solution: tighten, clean or replace


The above are Dingbo Power sort out some of the reasons that cause the 200kw Yuchai generator to fail to start. When the unit cannot be started, the user must investigate the cause in time and repair it in time. If you are not very familiar with the operation of the unit, the generator manufacturer should be contacted as soon as possible to send maintenance personnel on-site for inspection and repair. Dingbo Power can provide you with professional technical maintenance and after-sales service, please contact us by dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com if you have technical problem of diesel generator.

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