Diagnosis and Maintenance of Weak Operation of 150kw Yuchai Generator

Dec. 05, 2022

The 150kw Yuchai diesel generator set has moderate power, strong power and good economy. It is a popular product that the majority of users are eager to pursue. Recently, Dingbo Power's after-sales maintenance department received feedback from users that its 150kw Yuchai generator could not rotate at a higher speed and was unable to operate. Dingbo Power immediately responded to the situation, promptly assigned professional maintenance personnel to diagnose and repair the problem, and helped users solve the problem in a timely manner.

Before analyzing the fault of the generator set, let's first understand what is the speed of the generator set? The working room of the diesel generator set is a cycle process, so a unit is required to describe the index of the number of work done during continuous cycle work. Generally, we use the number of revolutions of the crankshaft per minute to express it, which is called the speed. It is generally expressed in revolutions per minute (r/min). The speed of 50Hz diesel generator set sold by Dingbo Power is 1500r/min.

Diagnosis and Maintenance of Weak Operation of 150kw Yuchai Generator

When 150kw Yuchai diesel generator runs well at low speed, but the speed can not go up during loading, and the operation is weak, it is generally caused by insufficient circulating oil supply, and the specific reasons for this failure are generally as follows:

1. The fuel injector of 150kw Yuchai diesel generator set was adjusted improperly, which reduced the fuel supply.

2. The elasticity of the generator set governor spring is reduced due to fatigue, which causes the fuel supply of the fuel injection nozzle to decrease, and the diesel generator cannot reach the rated speed.

3. The plunger and sleeve of the fuel injection nozzle, the needle valve and the needle valve body of the fuel injector are seriously worn, which increases the diesel leakage when pumping oil and reduces the fuel supply.

4. There is air in the oil circuit.

Diagnose the 150kw Yuchai diesel generator set according to the above possible fault causes, exhaust the air in the oil circuit or debug the fuel injection pump on the fuel injection nozzle test bench in combination with the fault causes, and then the fault can be basically eliminated. The diesel generator set may have various faults in action. Once you encounter a fault that you cannot handle, please contact the professional generator manufacturer to arrange maintenance personnel for on-site maintenance, and you cannot dismantle and inspect it blindly.

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