Key Points for Installation and Repair of Generator Set Valve

Jan. 31, 2023

After the new conduit of the generator set is loaded into the cylinder head, the reamer is applied to correct the conduit's circularity and inner hole size, so that the clearance between the valve rod and the conduit hole conforms to the provisions of the generator set's specification, and the valve rod that has been refined cannot be processed. In use, the clearance between the valve rod and the conduit hole shall not exceed the wear limit specified in the unit specification. Generally, as long as the clearance between the valve rod and the conduit reaches 0.13mm (the diameter of the valve is equal to or less than φ8mm) or 0.16mm (the diameter of the valve is greater than φ8mm), it is necessary to replace the valve or the conduit, otherwise it will lead to early damage of the valve.

The valve of the same series of different models of 250kva generator set may be different, do not mix. The deformation or burn of the valve seat ring, must be hinged, grinding correction, not only with the valve research method repair, can not repair the valve seat ring should be replaced with new parts, repair or new seat mouth and conduit hole should be coaxial, coaxiality tolerance 0.03 mm, valve into the valve seat ring, valve and cylinder head subsidence should meet the requirements of the unit specification.

Valve and valve seat gently research, to ensure valve tightness, grinding can not use coarse abrasive, valve seat and valve cone contact parts, should be in the lower part of the valve cone, valve and seat ring must be sealed, poor seal, will lead to power reduction of the generator set and early damage to the valve. After grinding, the abrasive is cleaned with kerosene and the valve stem and conduit are lubricated with clean oil.

Key Points for Installation and Repair of Generator Set Valve

How to deal with abnormal valve sound of diesel generator set?

1.Valve leakage ring

Valve leakage, sound outside the valve, at high load, low speed is more obvious, the sound is enhanced with the increase of load.

The main reasons are:

When the valve seat is hinged, due to improper operation or excessive wear of the inner hole of the valve guide, the valve seat is skewed or the valve clearance is small, resulting in valve ablation caused by the valve closed loosely and leakage ring.

Treatment method:

Remove cylinder head, grind valve, check valve spring elasticity, and readjust valve clearance.

2. The valve knocks

Continuous tapping sound occurs between the tail end of the valve rod and its driving parts when the engine is running at idle speed. With the increase of speed, the sound does not change when the engine temperature changes or the fire breaks.

The main reasons are:

(1) Adjusted valve clearance change lock is not strong, valve rod and driving wear, valve is not adjusted well.

(2) valve adjustment screw wear, lock nut loose, valve clearance is too large or inconsistent.

(3) valve spring seat wear groove, valve rod and duct wear too much.

Treatment method:

Adjust the valve clearance. If the lock nut on the adjusting screw is loose, lock it firmly and replace the badly worn parts

3.Valve seat ring, seat ring off

The surface of the valve seat is rough, the processing accuracy is not qualified, the interference quantity of the seat is improperly selected to cause loose, improper material selection after heat deformation is too large, or the fitting process of the valve seat is not required.

Treatment method:

Insert the valve seat according to the requirements of the assembly process. The upper end face should be flush with the body plane, and the higher part should be repaired.

4. The valve spring is broken and should be replaced.

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