Emergency Generator Set Shall Also Be Prepared for Freezer

May. 17, 2022

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the freezer (cold storage) also needs to prepare the emergency generator set!


Due to the large amount of vegetables, fruits or other high value-added products stored in the cold storage, once the power off time is too long, it will cause heavy losses. Dingbo power has served many customers of fresh vegetables, fruits or other types of cold storage, and is well aware of the importance of electricity to the industry. Please be sure to prepare emergency generator sets and be prepared.


The cold storage room was suddenly powered off, and all normal compressors stopped running. If the hot ammonia exhaust pipe of the compressor is not equipped with a one-way valve, the starting point of the operator's emergency treatment of the compressor is to prevent the high-pressure refrigerant from pouring back into the low-pressure area, so that the liquid storage of the evaporator is out of control. Once there is another sudden call, the machine will run in a disordered state, which is easy to cause greater danger.


The emergency generator set must meet the needs of cold storage insulation. The exhaust fan, elevator and fire pump of ammonia machine room belong to the secondary load of cold storage. And the elevator and fire pump shall not share the same power supply with other loads.

 Emergency Generator Set Shall Also Be Prepared for Freezer

Taking medicine cold storage as an example, medicine cold storage is mainly used for the storage of drugs. 220V power supply and 380V power supply can be used, but it must be equipped with standby generator set or double circuit power supply system of cold storage refrigeration equipment. The refrigeration equipment must be equipped with reliable generator set for cold storage to avoid heavy losses.


In order to prevent the occurrence of accidental power failure and facilitate the operators to operate and deal with the refrigeration system equipment in time, according to relevant requirements, the cold storage room needs to be equipped with professional emergency standby generator set. For users with cold storage, Dingbo power recommends that you be equipped with diesel generator set as emergency standby power supply.


As a professional manufacturer of emergency standby generator sets, Dingbo power has many years of experience. It has generator sets of different power brands such as Yuchai, Shangchai, Cummins and Volvo, with a power range of 20kW ~ 2500kw. It is equipped with Dingbo cloud intelligent control system to realize multi platform remote control, intelligent start stop maintenance and other functions. It is equipped with a professional after-sales service center to provide you with all-round services.


Finally, for customers who use cold storage, especially those who have large-scale and reserve high-value consumables, we suggest that you must be equipped with professional emergency generator set in case of need.

We are manufacturer of diesel generator set in China, if you still have questions about diesel generators, welcome to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will answer for you.

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