Five Common Mistakes in Daily Use of Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 13, 2021

Diesel generator sets play an inestimable and important role in our daily lives. When Dingbo Power installs and debugs generator sets for users, it will conduct a complete series of operation training for diesel generator set operators, but some operators may Due to unfamiliarity, sometimes you may not operate in accordance with the operating regulations,Incorrect operation of diesel generators will cause many hidden dangers of unit failure, which will seriously affect the service life of diesel generator sets. In this article, we will learn about the five common mistakes in daily use of diesel generator sets. We hope that users will keep them in mind.

1. Run when the oil is insufficient.


Running when the oil is insufficient will cause insufficient oil supply on the friction surfaces of the electric generator, resulting in abnormal wear or burns. Therefore, before starting the diesel generator, it is necessary to ensure sufficient oil to prevent cylinder pulling and tile burning failures caused by lack of oil.


2. Emergency stop with load or stop immediately after suddenly unloading the load.


As the water circulation of the cooling system stops after the diesel generator set is turned off, the heat dissipation capacity of the set is drastically reduced, and the heated parts cannot be effectively cooled. It is easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts to overheat, produce cracks, or cause excessive expansion of the piston. Died in the cylinder liner.


3. After a cold start, it will run with load without warming up.


After the diesel engine is cooled and started, it should run at idle speed to increase its temperature, and then run with load when the standby oil temperature reaches 40°C or higher. If the engine is operated under load without warming up after a cold start, the unit will suffer from high oil viscosity and poor fluidity, insufficient oil supply from the oil pump, and poor lubrication on the friction surface of the machine, causing wear and even failures such as cylinder pulling and tile burning.


4. the diesel engine slams the throttle after cold start.


Booming the throttle will cause the speed of the diesel generator set to rise sharply, and some friction surfaces of the set will be severely worn due to dry friction. In addition, the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft receive large changes when the throttle is hit, causing severe impacts and easily damaging parts.


Five Common Mistakes in Daily Use of Diesel Generator Sets

5. Running under the condition of insufficient cooling water or too high temperature of cooling water or engine oil.


Insufficient cooling water for diesel generator sets will reduce its cooling effect. Diesel engines will overheat due to ineffective cooling. Excessive temperature of cooling water and engine oil will also cause diesel engines to overheat.


At this time, diesel generator cylinder heads, cylinder liners, piston components and valves are subject to heavy thermal loads, and their mechanical properties such as strength and toughness drop sharply, which increases the deformation of parts, reduces the matching gap between parts, and accelerates the wear of parts. , In severe cases, cracks and malfunctions of mechanical parts jamming may occur. The overheating of the diesel generator will also deteriorate the combustion process of the diesel engine, causing the injector to work abnormally, poor atomization, and increasing carbon deposits.


The correct operation of the diesel generator set is directly related to the reliability and stability of the important load power supply. Wrong operation may cause damage to the generator set, reduce operating efficiency, and even affect the service life of the diesel generator set. Therefore, the user must Avoid the five major mistakes mentioned above.


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