What is the Cause of Overheating of Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 13, 2021

The beginning of summer of 2021 has passed, the climate has officially entered the midsummer, and the temperature is getting ridiculously high day by day. In summer is the season of power shortage, diesel generator sets often need to be turned on, and high temperature weather can easily cause diesel generator sets during operation. An overheating fault occurs, causing the power of the generator set to drop. In severe cases, serious failures such as cylinder pulling, sticking, tile burning and piston burning will occur. So what causes the diesel generator set to overheat?


1. Abnormal operation of cooling system of diesel generator set.


(1) The fan is faulty. The angle of the fan blades is wrong, the blades are deformed, and the fan blades are installed reversely. Just correct the blade angle or replace the fan assembly; if the air flow direction cannot be changed after the reverse installation, the air volume is greatly reduced, and it should be assembled correctly.


(2) The belt is loose. Correctly adjust the tension of the fan drive belt.


(3) The air duct of the radiator is blocked. When the air duct of the radiator of the diesel generator set is blocked, the heat dissipation area will be reduced, so that the air flow speed is slow or not flowing, the cooling water of the unit can not circulate, and the heat can not be dissipated normally, causing the unit to overheat.


(4) The exhaust pipe is blocked. When the diesel generator set is running, the exhaust pipe will not be able to cause the exhaust gas to discharge smoothly. A part of the exhaust gas will be stored in the cylinder. When the next intake stroke takes in, the fresh oil and gas mixture will not be able to enter fully. When the spark plug is ignited, the flame propagation and burning speed are slow, and the burning time is very long, forming afterburning.The parts in contact with the gas burn for a long time and cannot absorb heat to release, which causes overheating. At the same time, because the exhaust gas is not discharged smoothly, the temperature of the exhaust gas rises sharply during the exhaust, and the heat load of the entire unit increases, causing the power generator to overheat.


(5) The water pump is malfunctioning. The water pump pulley or impeller and the water pump shaft failed to cooperate, which caused the impeller to disengage the transmission, or the section of the water pump impeller was worn and the pumping capacity decreased.


(6) The thermostat malfunctions. The main function of the thermostat is to automatically adjust the temperature of the cooling water to keep the diesel generator set in the best operating temperature range. When the thermostat malfunctions, it will cause abnormal temperature of the diesel engine.


(7) The oil filter is blocked. The oil cannot normally enter the diesel engine through the oil filter. It can only enter the diesel engine lubrication points through the bypass passage. The oil is not filtered, and it is easy to block the oil pipeline, causing poor lubrication, blocking the oil pipeline, and creating frictional parts. The heat cannot be dissipated, causing the generator set to overheat.


(8) The oil filter is blocked. The oil filter screen is set at the inlet of the oil absorber in the oil pan to remove bubbles and prevent larger debris from entering the oil pump. Once the oil filter is blocked, the supply of lubricating oil to the diesel generator set will be interrupted, which will cause dry friction on the friction parts of the generator set, which will cause the generator set to overheat.


2. Leakage of the cooling system and lubricating oil system causes the unit to overheat.

What is the Cause of Overheating of Diesel Generator Set


(1) Water leakage in the radiator or pipeline. The water storage capacity of the diesel engine water tank is limited, and the generator set is prone to overheating after the water leaks.


(2) Oil leakage from the oil pan or oil pump. At this time, it will affect the oil supply of the diesel generator set (decrease or interrupt). Because the cooling effect of the engine oil is reduced by the generator set, the heat of the friction parts of the diesel generator set cannot be transferred, which causes the generator set to overheat.


The above is the cause of diesel generator overheating shared by Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. When the user encounters the overheating problem of the unit, they should find the cause in time and deal with it accordingly.If you are interested in diesel generators, please contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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