How to Ensure the Service Life of Cummins Supercharger

Mar. 03, 2022

Because the rated working speed of the Cummins engine supercharger is more than 130,000 rpm, and it is at the outlet of the exhaust manifold, the temperature is extremely high (above 800°C), and the inlet and exhaust pressure is also large, high temperature, high pressure and high speed. Therefore, the requirements for lubrication, cooling and sealing of the supercharger are relatively high.


In order to ensure the service life of the supercharger of Cummins engine generator, it is necessary to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the turbocharger floating bearing. At the same time, in use, it is required to:


a. The engine should idle for 3-5 minutes after starting. Do not add load immediately to ensure good lubrication of the supercharger. The main reason is that the supercharger is located at the top of the engine. If the supercharger starts to run at high speed immediately after the engine starts, it will cause the oil pressure to fail to rise in time to supply oil to the supercharger, resulting in oil shortage damage of the supercharger, and even burning out the whole supercharger.

 Cummins engine generator

b. Idle time should not be too long, generally not more than 10 minutes. If the idle time is too long, it will easily cause oil leakage at the compressor end.


c. Do not turn off the engine immediately before stopping. It should be idling for 3-5 minutes to reduce the speed of the supercharger and the temperature of the exhaust system to prevent heat recovery—oil coking—bearing burning and other faults. Frequent incorrect use can damage the supercharger.


d. Long-term unused engines (generally more than 7 days), or engines with new superchargers, should be filled with oil at the inlet of the supercharger before use, otherwise the life may be reduced or the supercharger may be damaged due to poor lubrication.


e. Regularly check whether the connection parts are loose, leaking, oil leakage, and whether the return pipe is unobstructed, if any, should be removed timely.


f. Keep the air filter clean and regularly replace it as required.


g. Regularly change the oil and oil filter.


h. Regularly check the radial axial clearance of the turbocharger shaft. The axial clearance should not be more than 0.15 mm. The radial clearance is: the clearance between the impeller and the pressure shell should not be less than 0.10 mm. Otherwise, it should be repaired by professionals to avoid loss.

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