Reasons for Sudden Shutdown of Volvo Penta Generator

Mar. 03, 2022

Why Volvo Penta diesel generator stop suddenly when using? Today Dingbo Power company answers for you. 

1. The oil circuit or oil inlet filter screen is blocked.

2. Diesel filter element of generator set accessories is blocked.

3. There is air in the oil circuit or the interface of each oil circuit is loose, resulting in oil leakage.

4. The air filter is partially blocked, resulting in insufficient air intake of diesel generator.

5. The oil transfer pump is faulty.

6. The fuel injection pump is stuck at the position without fuel supply.

7. The fuel injection hole of the fuel injector is blocked or the needle valve is stuck in the position of no fuel supply.

Troubleshooting for sudden shutdown of Volvo generator set:

  1. Remove the oil return screw of the high-pressure oil pump of the generator set, press the oil transfer pump with your right hand, and feel that the oil quantity meets the requirements, but there are many impurities in the diesel oil flowing out of the filter. Disassemble the filter and check whether the diesel filter element is blocked. It is found that the diesel filter element has deteriorated, there is a lot of oil sludge inside, and the diesel filter element has lost its function. Replace the filter element with a new one, and the diesel generator suddenly shut down less than 5min after starting.

Reasons for Sudden Shutdown of Volvo Penta Generator

2. Remove the oil return screw of the generator filter and press the oil transfer pump. It is found that the oil output of the oil transfer pump is normal and the seal is good.

3. Remove the side cover plate of high-pressure oil pump, unscrew the fixing nuts of 4 high-pressure oil pipes, pry the plunger with a flat screwdriver, observe whether each cylinder has oil, check the plunger and oil outlet valve, and the results are also normal. When the combustion chamber of the diesel generator is poorly sealed, it should be very difficult for the diesel generator to start, and this diesel generator is easy to start, indicating that it should not be the problem of valve leakage, valve clearance or oil supply advance angle.

4. Disassemble the oil transfer pump and check the roller and ejector rod of the oil transfer pump. It is found that the roller enters the ejector rod sleeve, and the position difference between the two locking plates is 90 °. The roller is stuck and cannot bounce back and forth, resulting in the failure of the oil transfer pump after the Shangchai generator is started.

5. Adjust the relative position of the two locking plates, and install the screws of the oil delivery pump and each oil return pipe of the generator set, and the fixing nuts of the high-pressure oil pipe and the high-pressure oil pump. Start the diesel generator and observe that there is no shutdown after half an hour, and the fault is eliminated.

Three filter maintenance of generating set

1. Pay attention to the fastening of the fixing bolts of the intake duct and intake branch pipe of diesel engine accessories to prevent them from loosening.

After loosening, the diesel engine will cause excessive vibration of the air filter during operation, resulting in cracking of the weld at the root of the intake duct or cracks at the arc of the intake duct. At this time, stop the machine for inspection and troubleshooting. In addition, pay attention to whether the reinforcing support plate of the air inlet duct is welded firmly. If it is not welded firmly, it will disengage and lose the role of the skeleton, which will make the air inlet duct bear too much load and vibrate and crack.

2. Pay attention to the fastening of the fixing screws on the upper sub of the centrifugal strainer.

Because the accessory type strainer of centrifugal diesel engine is in a high position and vibrates greatly, the fixing screw of the clip is easy to loosen, which causes the strainer to fall down. If it is light, it will affect the air intake and reduce the power; In severe cases, the upper opening of the central pipe will be blocked and the air cannot be introduced, so that the locomotive cannot be started. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation position of the centrifugal strainer so that the height of the central nozzle is flush with the guide vane.

3. Pay attention to protect the sealing rubber ring from expansion and deformation. Keep it properly during each maintenance to prevent it from contacting with diesel, gasoline, etc; Do not dislocation during installation. After dislocation, it is not easy to be embedded in the groove, resulting in loose sealing.

At the same time, pay attention to whether the locking force of the hook of the three spring sheets (or spring steel wire rings) is sufficient and uniform. If the locking force is insufficient or uneven, the lower oil groove will become loose, resulting in the failure of the sealing ring to compress, resulting in deformation and air leakage. At this time, bend the spring hook with pliers to increase the locking force. If the spring hook is damaged, it shall be replaced in time.

4. Pay attention to the height of the oil surface in the lower oil groove.

The oil level can be lower, but not higher. If the distance between the oil level and the lower opening of the central pipe is less than 15mm, it will cause difficulty in starting, and even suck the oil into the cylinder and burn the oil. Therefore, oil should be added strictly according to the specified liquid level.

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