How to Solve Crankshaft Position Sensor Faults in 220kw Generator Set

Aug. 31, 2021

220kw diesel generator produced by Dingbo Power, which has the characteristics of excellent performance, advanced technology, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Do you know how to repair the crankshaft position sensor of 220kw Weichai generator?

1. Check the appearance of crankshaft position (speed) sensor. This check focuses on the following two points:

1) Check whether the installation of crankshaft position sensor of generator set meets the specified requirements. The standard clearance between sensor and signal wheel is generally 0.5 ~ 1.5mm (refer to the technical parameters of diesel engine).

2) Remove the inductor to check whether the permanent magnet is adsorbed by scrap iron.

Weichai generators

2. External circuit check. Use the resistance block of the multimeter to measure the resistance between the two terminals of the sensor harness and the two corresponding terminals of the ECU harness to determine whether there are short circuit and open circuit faults in the external circuit.

3. Measurement of sensor resistance. Turn off the ignition switch, gently unplug the crankshaft position sensor of the generator set, and measure the resistance between the sensor No.1 and No.2 terminal (different models vary greatly).

4. Waveform detection. The output waveform of crankshaft position sensor can be measured by fault detector. Because the waveform contains rich information, the waveform detection of crankshaft position sensor is very practical.

What are the fault phenomena of the crankshaft position sensor?

1.Damage to the crankshaft position sensor will cause the engine to shut down.

2.If the crankshaft position sensor is damaged, the engine control unit cannot receive the reference signal when starting, and the ignition coil will not generate high voltage. If the engine is not started 2S after turning on the ignition switch, the engine control unit will cut off the control voltage to the fuel pump relay and stop the power supply to the fuel pump and ignition coil, resulting in the failure of starting the vehicle.

3.There are two common causes of engine stalling:

The fuel pump relay contact is momentarily disconnected.

The crankshaft position sensor (speed sensor) signal is momentarily interrupted.

How to prevent diesel generator crankcase from air resistance fault?

Crankcase is an important part of diesel generator set. Its main function is to prevent oil deterioration, prevent leakage of crankshaft and crankcase gasket, and prevent all kinds of oil steam from polluting the atmosphere. Users should pay attention to prevent the air lock fault of crankcase in the process of using diesel generator set.

The diesel generator crankcase filler cap is equipped with a ventilation hood with a filter screen, and some are equipped with vent holes or vent pipes to remove the exhaust gas from the oil cylinder in the crankcase. When the piston moves up to TDC, the crankcase volume increases, and air can enter the crankcase through the vent hole to keep the pressure in the crankcase stable; When the piston moves to the downward dead center, the crankcase volume decreases and the exhaust gas pressure in the crankcase increases, and the exhaust gas can be discharged to the atmosphere through the vent hole. If the vent hole is blocked, it will cause air resistance in the crankcase, cause oil leakage in the crankcase and reduce the quality of diesel engine lubrication. In serious cases, the oil in the crankcase will jump up to the combustion chamber and valve cover, and leak along the oil dipstick hole, crankshaft oil seal, starting shaft oil seal, oil pan and the joint surface of timing gear chamber, increasing the oil consumption.

The preventive measures are: check and keep the crankcase ventilation device in good working condition, such as the vent pipe shall not be bent, the negative pressure valve disc shall not be deformed, and the vent hole shall not be blocked; If necessary, replace the piston ring, cylinder liner and piston to reduce the leakage of exhaust gas into the crankcase.

The above shared by Dingbo Power is how to solve crankshaft position senor faults in diesel genset and how to prevent air lock failure of diesel generator crankcase. We hope it can help you. Dingbo Power company is one of the earlier manufacturers of generators and diesel generator sets in China, relying on high-quality products and good service.

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