Installation Notes of 250KW Yuchai Genset and UPS

Nov. 13, 2021

Firstly, we should understand the load information as much as possible, and on this basis, appropriately amplify the output power of the generator set. Under this assumption, it will be more advantageous for the generator set to reach 60% ~ 80% load rate as far as possible.

Try to select the generator with low output impedance and good transient response ability; It is recommended to use the type less affected by harmonics, such as PMG permanent magnet generator.

For AVR generator voltage detection, it is recommended to use three-phase detection to take the average value instead of single-phase detection, so as to improve the stability of voltage detection and reduce the impact of voltage fluctuation on the generator. Generator sets with different working modes have nonlinear effects. The load capacity will also be different. For example, the two-stroke diesel generator set is better than the four stroke diesel generator set. It should be noted that if the parameter setting of generator set controller is incorrect, it will also lead to mismatch with UPS. During UPS commissioning, if the value of generator unit voltage and frequency counter is found to be unstable, properly reducing the sensitivity knob of AVR can solve the problem.

Installation Notes of 250KW Yuchai Genset and UPS

In order to prevent the AC interference signal from affecting the performance of the engine electronic governor, the governor housing must be properly grounded and good protection measures must be taken for the speed detection signal. It is recommended that the generator set be charged gradually and sequentially. In principle, heavy load starts first and light load starts later.

Secondly, the active power transmitted by the generator set depends on the power of the engine, and the apparent power mainly depends on the capacity of the generator. Therefore, when the generator set is equipped with nonlinear loads such as inverter, only the capacity of the generator needs to be increased, and its transient characteristics will be significantly improved, while the output active power of group n does not increase Practice has proved that it is completely possible to solve the matching problem of inverter and generator set by using this pony pulling car, and it can save some costs for users, and the investment is relatively considerable.

Thirdly, to select the inverter more suitable for the characteristics of generator set, the inverter with higher input power factor and lower current harmonic should be selected. For the filter, the input side of the UPS is capacitive when the UPS is under no-load or light load. Characteristics, it is recommended to select brands that can provide targeted improvement and optimization schemes. If the inverter has the functions and characteristics of high-speed broadband rectifier control circuit, bypass voltage, frequency protection range, on-site adjustable inverter synchronization rate, delayed start power walk in, rectifier slow start, intelligent generator mode, etc., it can better match the generator set.

Fourth, in low-voltage distribution, the complementary characteristics of inductive load and capacitive load can be used to keep the inductive power factor of the total load at about 0.9 as far as possible; Automatic switching device, which can connect inductive loads such as air conditioner in front of the inverter.

The automatic switching time of ATS is staggered to prevent all loads from starting at the same time when the mains power is cut off, resulting in excessive output fluctuation of generator set or protection shutdown; Avoid reactive power compensation of generator set; Mature and reliable compensation regulators are used for inductive, capacitive reactive power compensation and harmonic control in power system.

1. The installation site shall be well ventilated, with sufficient air inlet at the generator end and good air outlet at the diesel engine end. The area of air outlet shall be more than 1.5 times larger than that of water tank.

2. The area around the installation site shall be kept clean to avoid placing anything that will produce gas and gas. If conditions permit, fire extinguishing devices shall be provided.

3. When used indoors, the exhaust pipe shall be connected to the outside. The diameter of the pipe must be greater than or equal to the diameter of the muffler exhaust pipe. The number of pipe elbows shall not exceed 3 to ensure smooth exhaust. The pipe must be connected with an inclination of 5 to 10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection. If the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upward, a rainproof device must be installed.

4. When using concrete as the foundation, the flatness of the unit shall be measured with a level gauge during installation to fix the unit on a horizontal foundation. There must be special shockproof pad or anchor bolt between the unit and the foundation.

5. The unit shell must be reliably grounded. For the generator that must be directly grounded with neutral point, the neutral point must be grounded by professional personnel and equipped with lightning protection device. It is forbidden to drive the neutral point with the mains grounding device. Direct landing.

6. The two-way switching between generator and mains power must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The reliability of two-way switch wiring must be checked and approved by the local power company.

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