Introduction to the Cost and Type of Portable Generators

Aug. 16, 2021

With the advent of the power era, portable generators will be the first choice for camping, home use, and vehicle use due to their high-efficiency storage performance advantages and reduced energy costs. Judging from the current market situation, the current demand for portable generators in the market continues to heat up. Dingbo Power said that portable generators can meet the electricity needs of refrigerators (or room air conditioners), as well as your lights, TVs, computers and some low-current electrical appliances.

The extra cost of portable generators includes transmission fees, taxes, and installation costs. When installing smaller generators, you can expect to pay less because they will use lower gauge wires and require lower amperage switches. In addition, the distance between the generator and the installation project has a great influence on the installation cost.

There are many options for portable generators, and they are cheaper than backup generators. Portable generators can be used wherever electricity is needed. It is used for camping, RV, truck and ordinary home or office needs. Larger portable generators (up to 17.5kw) can be used on construction sites, larger RVs, and even run homes, shops or construction sites.

Fuel type of portable generator

Most portable generators use gas as fuel to drive the engine. Some use diesel fuel, although this is rare, it is usually only the generators with higher output power that use diesel fuel. As far as the cost of generators is concerned, the cost of gas and propane generators is roughly the same, while the cost of generators equipped with diesel engines will be higher.

Introduction to the Cost and Type of Portable Generators

Types of portable generator

In addition to the size of the generator, you also need to consider what type of generator will be your best choice. The cost of the generator largely depends on the type of generator you choose. Traditional open frame generators are always the cheapest. These will not use inverters and will not have any type of sound insulation. This will meet your basic power needs, but if you use electronic equipment and consider noise issues in residential areas or campgrounds, this is not ideal.

The power of the portable generator is a matter that must be clarified, because it is related to the impact standards and input cost standards of whether the power supply can be provided to the maximum. The higher the power of the diesel generator set, the higher its price, and it will consume more fuel in operation. Therefore, choosing the most suitable power diesel generator set directly affects the purchase cost and the later operating expenses.

At this stage, manufacturers continue to increase the research and development of portable generator sets, which not only comprehensively improves the high quality of outdoor electricity, but also advocates safe and portable electricity guidelines, providing guarantees for safe and environmentally friendly electricity, and always for the realization of convenience, energy saving and safety. Contribute to the goal of the company, hoping to become the current value benchmark for the development of major industries.

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