Mobile Trailer Diesel Generators

Dec. 01, 2021

When considering configuring a standby diesel generator for your business, you need to choose between a fixed installed standard diesel generator or a mobile trailer diesel generator. The standard diesel generator and the mobile trailer diesel generator have different characteristics and benefits. However, if you configure the diesel generator so that it can be transported to any place for power supply, the Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator is your best choice, because the Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator can provide stable and reliable power supply anytime and anywhere, Moreover, they are convenient and fast to transport, and can be easily transported without dismantling the generator. In addition, Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator has multi-function in the selection of workplace. The following are some of the main advantages of configuring Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator.

1. The power supply can be used anywhere.

The main advantage of Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator is that it can be transported with you. Since diember mobile trailer diesel generators are more compact than traditional generators, they can be easily moved or transported. You can take the generator anywhere you need power. You can move it around your facility as needed, or take it to remote areas for remote project power supply.

Fixed diesel generators cannot achieve this flexibility because they only supply power to the buildings where they are installed. If you need power supply in other places, need to use the mobile generator for a long time, or you plan to use it in different places, you may find that choosing a Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator is usually the best choice. If you need a mobile trailer diesel generator, at Dingbo power, professionals can provide you with suggestions on solutions suitable for your business.

Mobile Trailer Diesel Generators

2. Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator is designed for flexibility.

Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generators provide a variety of functions, making them flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications. Some of these features include:

a. Power supply voltage switch.

b. The durable chassis can withstand frequent relocation.

c. Ability to run for a long time.

d. Compact size makes it easy to move from one site to another.

3.Provide cost-effective options.

Compared with fixed commercial diesel generators, Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generators will cost your company less. Not every enterprise can immediately install fixed standby generators on site. In this case, Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generators are the best choice. They can be moved on site when needed or when needed. Once they are no longer needed, they can be moved back to the storage area.

The price of mobile trailer diesel generator depends on the brand, model and power capacity. This may be an important factor for new business owners who may not have a large budget. Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator also does not need to spend a lot of energy on setting.

4. Peace of mind in an emergency

The fixed standby diesel generator may fail for a variety of reasons, from electrical problems to problems caused by improper maintenance. If your power system fails, having a Dingbo mobile trailer diesel generator on hand will help prevent interruption of your operation. By selecting immediately, you don't have to worry about losing power in an emergency.

5.Safe use of mobile trailer diesel generator

As with the fixed standby diesel generator set, care must be taken when using the mobile trailer diesel generator. Following these guidelines helps ensure your safety and that of your employees:

Minimize contact with water.

Too much moisture can cause serious damage to your power system. It will rust internal parts and components, reduce the reliability of the generator, and make it more likely to carry out major maintenance. In some cases, parts may rust and cannot be repaired. You need to buy a new device. This is why generators should not be used in the rain without some kind of barrier. When cleaning, do not spray water directly to the outside of the generator. If necessary, you can wipe the device with a slightly wet cloth.

6. Maintain equipment maintenance.

Remember that maintenance is the key to ensure the long service life of mobile trailer diesel generator. If you purchase diesel genset, regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal operation. Fresh oil and filters will greatly help protect your equipment. If the generator is not used immediately, make sure that the oil tank is empty and store the generator in a clean and dry place. You should also remember to run the system at least once a month for 30 minutes. This will keep internal components lubricated and also help you identify potential problems before they enter expensive repairs.

7. Do not refuel the running equipment.

When refueling the generator, make sure that the engine is switched off and has enough time to cool down. If the fuel spills accidentally while you refuel, a hot engine can be very dangerous.

Whether you are looking for a mobile trailer diesel generator to run some electrical appliances or as a common power supply, Dingbo power can provide you with the diesel generator most suitable for your facility.

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