Noise Reduction in Machine Room of Biogas Generator

Dec. 17, 2021

Under normal circumstances, the noise decibels of biogas generator sets used in sewage treatment plants can reach 110 decibels, and noise has a great impact on people's normal production and life. This requires some noise reduction work on the unit. Attention should be paid to the design of the entrance and exit system and the air intake system in the noise reduction work of the machine room of the biogas generator set for the sewage treatment plant!

1. Noise reduction at the entrance to the machine room:

Each generator room has more than one entrance door. From the perspective of noise reduction, the room door should not be set too much. Generally, one door and a small door should be set up as small as possible. The structure is made of metal as the frame. Equipped with sound insulation materials, the exterior is made of metal iron plates, and the sound-absorbing door is closely matched with the wall and the door frame up and down.

Noise Reduction in Machine Room of Biogas Generator

2. Noise reduction of the air intake system of the biogas generator set used in the sewage treatment plant:

When the generator is working, it must have enough air intake to maintain normal operation. Generally, the air intake system should be set directly opposite to the fan exhaust of the unit. According to our experience, the air intake adopts a forced air intake method, and the air intake passes The muffler duct is drawn into the machine room by the blower.

3. Noise reduction of the exhaust system of the biogas generator set used in the sewage treatment plant:

When the generator adopts a water tank fan system for cooling, the water tank radiator must be discharged out of the machine room. In order to prevent noise from being transmitted outside the machine room, an exhaust silencing duct must be provided for the exhaust system.

4. Noise reduction of the exhaust system of the biogas generator set in the sewage treatment plant outside the machine room:

After the exhaust air of the generator is de-noised by the exhaust muffler duct, there is still high noise outside the machine room. The exhaust air must pass through the muffler duct set outside the machine room to muffle the noise, so as to reduce the noise to a low limit. Degree and the exterior of the sound-absorbing duct is a brick wall structure, and the interior is a sound-absorbing panel.

5. The exhaust gas muffler system of the generator:

For the noise generated by the exhaust gas emitted by the generator, we added a muffler to the exhaust system of the unit. At the same time, the exhaust muffler pipes are all wrapped with fireproof rock wool material, which can reduce the heat emission of the unit to the engine room and It can reduce the working vibration of the unit, so as to achieve the purpose of attenuating noise.

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