Reasons and Solutions for High Pressure Oil Pipe Leakage of Cummins Genset

Jan. 17, 2022

The oil pipe joint of large Cummins generator set in the data center is cracked or broken, and oil leakage occurs. Generally, the high-pressure oil pipes of diesel engine cylinders I and VI are easier to break than those of other cylinders. In addition to the quality of the oil pipe itself, it is mainly because the high-pressure oil pipe clamp is omitted to be installed or installed in an inappropriate position during the maintenance and disassembly of the fuel injection pump. Specific content will be introduced by Dingbo power!

The oil leakage in the connecting part of the high-pressure oil pipe of heavy duty Cummins generator set in the data center may be caused by the lax sealing of the connecting cone of the high-pressure oil pipe, injector and fuel injection pump.

Reasons and Solutions for High Pressure Oil Pipe Leakage of Cummins Genset

Through inspection, after eliminating the oil leakage causes of the fuel injection pump and injector, check whether the cold heading conical surface of the finished high-pressure oil pipe meets the drawing requirements and whether the bending size has error. Due to the vibration of high-pressure oil pipe and the installation stress caused by the bending error of high-pressure oil pipe, it is possible to aggravate the sealing cone seal.

In order to ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the sealing cone, it is recommended to add a process of finishing and grinding the conical surface after the cold heading of the connecting head of the high-pressure oil pipe of the large Cummins generator set in the data center and before the oil pipe is bent. The accuracy of the conical surface size and shape is ensured by grinding. Generally, each high-pressure oil pipe must be ground by 0.02 ~ 0.05mm to form a complete conical surface, Individual grinding shall be more than 1.0mm. It is also necessary to put on a protective sleeve for storage after cold heading, which can solve the problem of parts bruise.

When there is no new pipe replacement at the moment, pad a section of plastic pipe with a length of 1 ~ 2cm and a diameter of about 5mm at the fit between the conical surface of the high-pressure oil pipe and the conical hole, or pad a red copper gasket with an inner diameter slightly larger than the inner diameter of the oil pipe and an appropriate outer diameter.

Its reason:

First, the torque does not meet the requirements (the torque of high-pressure oil pipe nut shall be controlled at 40 ~ 6On & bull; m), and excessive torque is easy to damage the thread and deform the oil pipe; Too small, the sealing cone is easy to leak. After the nut is tightened to the pre tightening force, if there is diesel leakage at the oil pipe joint, remove the oil pipe and check whether there is dirt in the cone where the ball head contacts the oil suction pump or injector. If so, remove it and tighten it according to the specified torque.

Second, the installation position is incorrect. The installation position of both ends of the high-pressure oil pipe and the tight seat of the fuel injector body and oil outlet valve is incorrect, resulting in the distortion and deformation of the high-pressure oil pipe. At this time, if the nuts at both ends of the oil pipe are forcibly tightened, the oil pipe will be damaged and oil leakage will occur.

Dingbo power has introduced the causes and solutions of oil leakage of high-pressure oil pipe of large Cummins diesel generator set in the data center. I hope the above introduction can bring reference to users.

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