Perkins Generator EMC Design Criteria

Jan. 17, 2022

Electromagnetic compatibility design criteria of Perkins generator for data center use.

(1) Make full use of and give full play to the electromagnetic compatibility of the electronic components used. Including: ① selecting electronic components with large signal tolerance; ② Select electronic components with appropriate speed; ③ Reduce the input impedance of the input circuit (especially the remote input circuit) as much as possible; ④ Reduce the output impedance appropriately.

(2) Power supply system design of Perkins diesel generator. Including: ① select the power module with small coupling capacitance at the primary side and secondary side and large coupling capacitance to the ground at the primary side; ② Adopt distributed power structure as much as possible; ③ The operating range of the AC voltage of the power module must be large enough.

Perkins Generator EMC Design Criteria

(3) Selection of grounding mode. ① Generally, direct grounding is adopted; ② When the control part is electrically connected with the high-voltage equipment, the floating ground mode is adopted; ③ The distributed capacitance of floating ground system must be strictly controlled.

(4) Processing of distributed capacitance of control system. ① Try to reduce the coupling capacitance between the primary and secondary sides to block the path of common mode interference; ② A common mode magnetic ring is sheathed at the input point of the port, and then a symmetrical high-frequency capacitance to ground is connected; ③ Keep the grounding wire away from other signal wires; ④ Reduce the distributed capacitance of the system; ⑤ Test the distributed capacitance of each part to the ground, analyze the flow distribution of common mode interference, estimate the impact of common mode interference, and formulate technical measures to suppress interference.

What are the main technical indicators of large signal and small signal characteristics?

Main technical indexes of excitation system include:

(1) Main technical indexes of large signal characteristics: ① for conventional response excitation system, the technical indexes are top voltage multiple and excitation voltage response ratio; ② For the excitation system with high initial response, the technical indexes are the top voltage multiple and excitation voltage response time.

(2) The main technical indexes of small signal characteristics are: rise time, adjustment time, overshoot and oscillation times. The standard indexes are: overshoot ≤ 50%, adjustment time ≤ IOS, oscillation times ≤ 3 times.

Why measure the rotor speed-up insulation when the generator is started? For some generator rotors, the grounding fault of generator rotor winding is often related to the centrifugal force when the rotor rotates, but this kind of fault can not be reflected in the test under shutdown. Therefore, when the generator rises from zero speed to rated speed, measuring the insulation of rotor winding at this stage can judge whether there is such fault in rotor winding, so as to accurately find out the fault and ensure that there is no hidden danger in the normal operation of rotor winding.

Semiconductor excitation regulator

In the semiconductor excitation system, the excitation power unit is the semiconductor rectifier and its AC power supply, and the excitation regulator is composed of semiconductor components, solid components and electronic circuits. The early regulator only reflected the generator voltage deviation and carried out voltage correction. It is usually called voltage regulator (voltage regulator for short). The current regulator can comprehensively reflect a variety of control signals including voltage deviation signal for excitation regulation, so it is called excitation regulator. Obviously, the excitation regulator includes the function of voltage regulator.

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