Solutions of 100KW Diesel Genset Low Oil Pressure Problem

Feb. 09, 2022

How to solve the problem of low oil pressure of 100 kW diesel generator? Today, Dingbo power will solve your doubts. 

Low oil pressure of diesel generator is only the final fault manifestation of the system, which may lead to the damage of engine parts such as piston, crankshaft and its large and small pads. In order to prevent this fault, the causes and solutions of low engine oil pressure are summarized as follows:

1. The engine oil storage is too small, resulting in no or little oil in the lubrication system, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: refuel.

2. The dirty or viscous oil makes the oil pump unable to effectively suck in and pump out the oil, resulting in low or no pressure of the oil. Solution: change the oil.

3. Thin oil or thin oil due to high engine temperature will leak from the clearance of each friction pair of the engine, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: change the oil or overhaul the cooling system.

4. Oil leakage from the oil pipe, damage to the oil pump or excessive wear of its parts will reduce the suction and pumping capacity of oil, or there is no oil at all, resulting in low or no oil pressure. Solution: overhaul.

5. The clearance between the crankshaft and the big and small pads exceeds the standard, resulting in oil leakage and low oil pressure. Solution: overhaul.

6. The spring of pressure limiting valve or pressure relief valve is too soft, the card is stuck or the steel ball is damaged, resulting in the disappearance or weakening of the function of the valve, resulting in the reduction of oil pressure. Solution: replace and repair.

7. Low oil pressure caused by oil sensing plug, pressure gauge or circuit failure. Solution: replace and check.

Solutions of 100KW Diesel Genset Low Oil Pressure Problem

Judgment method for changing engine oil of generator.

Identifying whether the engine oil of the generator needs to be replaced is very important for the efficient operation of the equipment. The engine oil should be replaced in time to ensure the good state of the equipment. The generator set manufacturer has sorted out four judgment methods for engine oil replacement, so that everyone can easily grasp the timing of engine oil replacement.

1. Twist identification.

Take out a little oil from the oil pan and twist it on your fingers. If there is viscous feeling and wire drawing during twisting, it indicates that the engine oil has not deteriorated and can still be used, otherwise it should be replaced.

2. Dipstick identification.

Pull out the oil dipstick and look at the bright part to see whether the scale line is clear. When the scribed line cannot be seen through the oil on the oil dipstick, it indicates that the oil is too dirty and needs to be replaced immediately.

3. Pour a small amount of engine oil from the oil pan into a container, and then pour it out slowly from the container to observe the luster and viscosity of the oil flow. If the oil flow can be kept slender and uniform, it means that there is no colloid and impurities in the oil, which can be used for a period of time, otherwise it should be replaced.

4. Oil drop inspection.

Drop a drop of engine oil in the oil pan on the white paper. If the black spot in the center of the oil drop is large, dark brown, uniform and no particles, and the surrounding yellow infiltration is very small, it indicates that the engine oil is deteriorated and should be replaced. If the oil in the center is lighter, it indicates that the black spot around the oil can be used.

The identification of oil change needs to be carried out when the engine is shut down but the oil has not precipitated, so as to ensure the correct identification results. False inspection occurs from time to time, so we should pay attention to it.

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