The Precursor to the Abnormal Flameout of 450kw Shangchai Generator

Sep. 07, 2021

The abnormal flameout of 450kw Shangchai generator will directly affect the normal operation of the unit and cause losses to the electricity user. If it is strict, it may cause greater unit failure and affect the service life of the diesel generator set. Generally, the 450kw Shangchai generator set will be abnormal before the flameout occurs. There will be some precursors, users should pay attention to observation daily, when an abnormal flameout occurs, they can predict as soon as possible and troubleshoot in time. So what are the precursors to the abnormal flameout of the 450kw Shangchai generator?


The Precursor to the Abnormal Flameout of 450kw Shangchai Generator

1. The exhaust pipe emits black smoke

The main reason for the black smoke emitted by the 450kw Shangchai generator is that the fuel is not fully burned. Generally, the diesel generator is running at an overload. At this time, the speed of the diesel engine drops significantly, causing the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder to not be fully burned. Causes the abnormal flameout of the unit, Dingbo Power reminds the majority of users that diesel generator sets must perform proper load operation according to the power, and must not overload operation, otherwise it will easily cause the unit to malfunction and greatly reduce the service life of the unit.


2. White smoke from the exhaust pipe

The white smoke from the exhaust pipe of the 450kw Shangchai generator indicates that the diesel is mixed with water and the cylinder head gasket is washed out or damaged by automatic decompression. At this time, if the load is increased, the generator set will stall. The user needs to replace the cylinder head gasket and engine oil in time. Adjust the decompression mechanism.


3. The speed is unstable, and the flame is gradually turned off, accompanied by abnormal knocking sound

This phenomenon is a sudden mechanical failure. The common causes are: broken crankshaft, broken piston pin, loose or broken connecting rod bolt, valve lock piece, valve retainer falling off, valve spring broken or valve stem broken, causing the valve to fall off Wait. If such a situation is found in the 450kw Shangchai generator during work, it should be shut down for inspection immediately to avoid major mechanical accidents. It can be sent to a professional maintenance point for comprehensive inspection or directly contact the sales manufacturer for on-site inspection.


The above points are the phenomenon that the 450-kilowatt Shangchai generator set will reappear before it goes out abnormally. Here, Dingbo Power reminds all users: pay attention to the abnormal phenomena of the unit during the use of the Shangchai generator set. For some abnormal phenomena, it is necessary to find out the reason and carry out maintenance and adjustment to realize the normal operation of the unit.


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