Transportation and Hoisting of Weichai Generator

Oct. 26, 2021

Improper movement and lifting can cause serious damage to the weichai diesel generator set and its components. For the standard open-frame diesel generator set of Dingbo Power, the diesel engine and the alternator are coaxially assembled and installed on a rigid steel base. The base has been designed and manufactured in consideration of the safety of the unit when moving and hoisting. And convenience.


When transporting diesel generator sets, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the generator set, first ensure that the carrying capacity of the transportation means is not less than 1.2 times the total weight of the generator set and accessories. In order to protect the diesel generator set from wind and sun, the generator set should be packaged safely, such as installing a wooden box and lining with a rain-proof cloth. In addition, the generator set should be firmly fixed in the compartment to prevent its components from loosening or even damage due to bumps and vibrations. When the diesel generator set is being transported, no persons/objects are allowed to be placed on the generator set. When loading and unloading the generator set from the vehicle, a forklift or hoisting equipment should be used, and care should be taken to avoid the generator set from tipping or falling to the ground, causing damage.

Transportation and Hoisting of Weichai Generator


A suspension locomotive can be used to carefully lift the diesel generator set or a forklift can be used to carefully push or pull on the base of the generator set. If you push, do not use the fork to push the rack directly. Be sure to place wood or other flat objects between the fork and the base to prevent damage to the rack and distribute the weight. In this operation, attention should be paid to the load-bearing capacity of the suspension cable and the angle of the suspension cable should be as vertical as possible, and the balance of the unit should be carefully maintained. The difficult position of the unit should be as close as possible to the center of gravity of the generator set, not the generator set. The central position of the external dimensions to avoid the crew swinging in the air or even losing balance and falling to the ground. The carrying capacity of the fork arm of a forklift should be greater than 120~130% of the weight of the generator set.


Do not use the lifting ring of the diesel engine or alternator to lift the diesel generator set.

For container-type power stations or silent generator sets, which are specially used for special occasions and have special purposes, the movement, handling and hoisting of unconventional units will be much easier. Because all this type of generator sets have specially designed shells that are easy to handle and easy to install. This kind of casing also provides better safety protection for many parts of the generator set, and further avoids the damage of the unit such as rain, sun, and bumps during transportation. And it can prevent unrelated personnel from moving randomly.


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