What is Suitable Water Temperature for Perkins Generator

Dec. 07, 2021

Some technicians like to adjust the outlet water temperature very low when operating the diesel generator set. They believe that the water temperature is low, cavitation will not occur in the water pump, the cooling water (liquid) will not be interrupted, and there is a safety factor in use. In fact, as long as the water temperature does not exceed 95 ℃, cavitation will not occur, and the cooling water (liquid) will not be interrupted. 

On the contrary, if the water temperature is too low, it is very harmful to the operation of the diesel engine. If the water temperature is too low, it will mainly bring the following hazards:

1.The reason is that the temperature is low, the diesel combustion conditions in the cylinder deteriorate, the combustion period increases after ignition, the engine is easy to work rough, aggravates the damage of crankshaft bearings, piston rings and other parts, reduces power and economy.

2.The water and gas after combustion are easy to condense on the cylinder wall, causing metal corrosion.

3.It is the diesel that comes to burn that may dilute the engine oil and deteriorate the lubrication.

4.It is the incomplete combustion of fuel that forms colloid, so that the piston ring is stuck in the piston ring groove, the valve is stuck, and the pressure in the cylinder decreases at the end of compression.

5.It is because the water temperature is too low, the oil temperature is also low, the oil thickens and the fluidity becomes poor, resulting in insufficient oil supply. In addition, the crankshaft bearing clearance becomes smaller and the lubrication is poor.

1100kw Perkins generator

The harm of low water temperature cannot be underestimated. Too low cooling water temperature will lead to insufficient combustion gas mixture, reduced power, metal corrosion, dilution of engine oil, poor lubrication conditions, rough engine, aggravating damage to crankshaft bearings, piston rings and other components, reducing power and economy. It may also cause emissions to exceed standards. The causes of low engine water temperature are not as complex as high water temperature. Usually, the thermostat is damaged or the cooling fan is faulty.

What is the appropriate water temperature for Perkins generator sets?

When the engine is running, the cooling water temperature of the diesel generator set shall be maintained at 80 to 90 ℃, and then it can enter full load operation, otherwise the engine will not work normally. In winter, the ambient temperature of diesel generator is low, and the corresponding coolant temperature is also low. Therefore, the diesel generator needs to be preheated before starting. When the diesel engine is at its maximum effective power, the coolant temperature should be about 80 °. When using the diesel generator set in winter, it is best to ensure that the water temperature is about 80 ° when preparing to run the load.

Summer temperatures are usually high, some reaching 44.5 degrees Celsius. In such a hot season, the temperature of the coolant rises rapidly. When the water temperature is 100 ℃ and the temperature is high, the diesel engine is likely to cause cylinder accidents. Therefore, when the coolant exceeds 95 ℃, the diesel generator shall stop working or reduce the load.

The water temperature of diesel generator set is too high, mainly due to insufficient coolant, blocked water pipe, thermostat failure, water pump failure and fan clutch failure. If the temperature of the diesel engine of the generator set is too high, the clearance of moving parts will be reduced, the strength will be reduced and the lubrication will be poor. In severe cases, cylinder and shaft accidents may occur, resulting in reduced power and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, when the temperature of generator diesel engine is too high, it must be repaired in time.

Therefore, whether overheating or undercooling, it will reduce the performance of the engine and shorten the service life. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the change of cooling water temperature. Once a problem occurs, it needs to be checked and repaired in time.

The above is shared by Dingbo power generator manufacturer. Under normal circumstances, the cooling water temperature of diesel generator set shall be maintained at 80 to 90 ℃.

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