What are the Packaging Methods of Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 18, 2021

What are the packaging methods of diesel generator sets? There are three main types of packaging for diesel generator sets, which are mainly based on your customer's requirements or according to your own distance. The selected packaging forms are different. The following Dingbo Power will say which three are:


1. Film wrapping:


This type of packaging is most commonly used now. First of all, this type of packaging is simply called flexible packaging. The film is wound around the diesel generator set from head to toe. Most manufacturers give it as a gift, and free delivery if it is close to or near the market.


2. Wooden box packaging:


The wooden box type is just what the name suggests. It is assembled from wood, and several surfaces are assembled with code nails. Relatively speaking, the price is more expensive than wrapping film. It is suitable for export and longer distances. Exports must be fumigated, and the cost is naturally not low. In fact, this kind of packaging has a strong protection for the machine, and it is also convenient to check the loading and unloading of the vehicle.


3. Iron sheet packaging:


This is based on customer requirements. The entire machine is packaged with iron sheets. The cost is high and it is suitable for long-distance transportation. Although this kind of packaging is expensive, the protection of the machine is very real.


Of the above three types, the second type is the most used for export. The first type is generally used for short distances in China, and the wooden box type is used for slightly longer distances.


How to distinguish between new and old diesel generator sets?

What are the Packaging Methods of Diesel Generator Sets


Diesel generator set is mainly composed of: diesel engine, generator, instrument system and other small parts, among which two important ones are diesel engine and generator. We made explanations and methods respectively:


1. Diesel engine.


Diesel engine can be said to be the most important component, and its main function is to provide power to the generator, which can be said to account for more than 60% of this diesel generator set. Many people know that the best diesel engines made in China are those of Weichai, Yuchai, Shangchai and other manufacturers. The machines are indeed beautiful and durable. Some customers know that these manufacturers' machines are good when they buy them but want to spend the money of ordinary machines to buy brand-name machines. The goods, please think about it, is it possible? The answer is obviously impossible. Then there will be a set of brand machines. Replace the signs of ordinary diesel engines with brand machines (some machines have anti-counterfeiting and steel stamps, please pay attention to buyers), Thereby reducing costs.The second type is refurbished machines. The cost of refurbished machines is similar to that of ordinary new machines. However, many professional people are not very clear, mainly by listening, seeing, and touching. Listening means that when the machine is turned on, if the sound becomes muffled and not very crisp, be sure to pay attention. Seeing refers to opening a small part of the outer shell of the diesel engine to see whether the internal surface is clean and whether the organic oil is sticky. The touch refers to the place where you touch the sludge, is it dirty? But this method is for reference only. The third is insufficient power. Usually the power of the diesel engine is greater than the power of the generator. For example, if I want to buy a 100kw diesel generator set, the power of the diesel engine must be above 125kw. Why? Usually the power of the generator set you buy is multiplied by 0.8 to get the power of your load, but usually the machine you buy is higher than the actual power of the load, and there is also the problem of starting current, so it can only be greater than, not equal to less, so There will be situations where others cannot sell it, and you will buy this kind of machine.


2. Generator.


The generator is actually a component that generates electricity, which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. The generator is divided into carbon brush, brush, and brushless. Now mainly brush motors and brushless motors. Generators are not easily damaged under normal circumstances. The interior of the generator set is composed of the rotor (magnetic poles), stator (armature), rectifiers, voltage regulators, front and rear covers, The brush and the brush holder are composed of the coil inside. Everyone knows that the current is concentrated on the surface of the conductor, which means that the electricity generated by the generator is on the surface of the copper wire, not in the center of the copper wire. , So this kind of wire is produced, copper clad aluminum wire, the machine can work for a short time, and the heat will not be dissipated after a long time. For example, some wires used in homes are copper-plated and high-power electrical appliances. It will be very hot if used for a long time, and the magnetic core inside can be long or short, which also leads to the high power of the brand machine, which cannot be said to be 100%, or at least 90%.


So when buying a machine, you must not just listen to the price, and ask as much as possible about the specific configuration, whether it can meet your needs. If you want to know more, welcome to contact by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com.


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