Why are the Prices of Diesel Generator Sets of the Same Power So Different

Oct. 18, 2021

Diesel generator sets are used in various fields as a self-contained emergency power supply equipment. When purchasing, many users do not understand why the price of diesel generator sets of the same brand and power are so different. In this regard, Dingbo Power, as a professional diesel generator set manufacturer of diesel generator sets, will answer the reasons for the price difference:


1. Diesel generator set is mainly composed of three parts: diesel engine, generator and controller. The price of diesel generator sets varies depending on the brands and configurations of these three parts. When the diesel engine brand and power are the same, pay attention to the difference of the generator, such as brand and power. Generally speaking, the power of the diesel engine of the generator set should be equal to or slightly greater than the power of the generator. Don't think that the greater the power of the generator, the more electricity the unit can generate. There are also large price differences between different controller brands. When purchasing diesel generator sets, users can consult the sales staff according to their own needs to purchase suitable generators.


2. Although the power and some parameters of the generator set will be the same, the main core components can indeed be very different. For example, the most expensive diesel engine part, take 200kw as an example. The optional diesel engines are Dongfeng Cummins, Chongqing Cummins, Perkins , Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, and many other domestic second-tier brands. For so many diesel engine brands, the price difference itself is very large, such as joint ventures and imported ones, suitable for long-term use, and even can work continuously for 24 hours, with better stability and fuel consumption, while domestic ones are generally not recommended for continuous use. It is used for 24 hours and is more suitable for backup power, such as temporary use for a period of time after a power failure.This results in a large price difference. In addition, the generator part is also very different. For example, there are brands such as Wuxi Stanford and Marathon, which are suitable for long-term use and are all copper brushless generators. However, there are individual manufacturers that have copper-clad aluminum wires, or The use of brushed generators results in a huge cost difference.

Why are the Prices of Diesel Generator Sets of the Same Power So Different


3. When purchasing, it is necessary to make it clear whether the merchant is talking about common power or spare power. The price and power of diesel generator sets have a great relationship. Some dealers charge small ones to large ones. Users should pay special attention when buying.


4. Materials of diesel generator set. The purchase price of raw materials for parts and components fluctuates with the market. For example, steel plants limit production/stop production, and steel prices rise; certain parts due to the improvement of production technology, the price also rises, etc., will affect the price of the entire unit.


5. Market demand. During peak power consumption periods, there are often power restrictions in many places, and the price of power generator will rise due to increased market demand.


Dingbo Power is a generator manufacturer integrating design, supply, debugging and maintenance of diesel generator sets. It has 14 years of diesel generator manufacturing experience, excellent product quality, considerate butler service, and a complete service network to provide you with A full range of services, if you are interested in diesel generators, please feel free to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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