What are the Reasons for Abnormal Operation of Transformers in Diesel Gensets

Sep. 14, 2023

The function of transformers is to transform voltage, isolate electrical equipment, stabilize voltage, etc. It can ensure the stable operation of electrical equipment under different load conditions, and also protect the safety of electrical equipment. When the transformer of the diesel generator set is running, it is necessary to maintain the normal fuel level. During use, we should check the indication of the fuel level gauge on time. When the fuel level is too high (such as in summer), the fuel should be drained in a timely manner; When the fuel level is too low (such as in winter), it should be replenished in a timely manner to maintain the normal fuel level and ensure the safe operation of the transformer.


1. The fuel level is too high. The fuel level rises above the maximum fuel level line due to an increase in fuel temperature, and sometimes the fuel level reaches the top without being visible.


The reason for the high fuel level is that the transformer cooler operates abnormally, causing the transformer fuel temperature to rise, causing the fuel to expand due to heat, resulting in an increase in fuel level; When refueling a transformer, the fuel level is too high, and once the ambient temperature rises significantly, it can cause the fuel level to be too high. If the high fuel level is caused by abnormal operation of the cooler, the surface of the cooler should be checked for dust accumulation and blockage, whether the upper and lower valves of the fuel pipe are open, whether the pipeline is blocked, whether the operation of the fan and submersible fuel pump is normal and reasonable, whether the temperature of the cooling medium is appropriate, and whether the flow rate is sufficient. If the fuel level is too high due to excessive refueling, the fuel should be drained to the appropriate height. If the fuel level is not visible, it should be judged that the fuel level is indeed above the maximum fuel level line, and then the fuel should be drained to an appropriate height.

What are the Reasons for Abnormal Operation of Transformers in Diesel Gensets


2. The fuel level is too low. When the fuel level of the transformer significantly decreases compared to the corresponding fuel temperature at that time, and the fuel level is below the lowest fuel level line or invisible, it should be judged as too low.


The reason for the low fuel level is: transformer fuel leakage; The original fuel level of the transformer was not high, but when the transformer load suddenly drops or the external environmental temperature significantly decreases, the fuel level becomes too low; The fuel of a strong fuel-water cooled transformer flows into the fuel cooler for a long time, which can also cause the fuel level to be too low. If the fuel level is too low, it will cause the light gas protection to act. If it is a float type relay, it will also cause the heavy gas protection to trip. When there is a severe shortage of fuel, the transformer core and winding will be exposed to the air, which not only easily affects the insulation capacity due to moisture, but also may cause insulation breakdown. Therefore, if the fuel level of the transformer is too low or significantly decreases, it is necessary to replenish the fuel to the normal level as soon as possible. If the fuel level significantly decreases due to severe fuel leakage, it is prohibited to change the gas protection from tripping to signaling, eliminate fuel leakage, and restore the fuel level to normal. If there is a large amount of fuel leakage and the fuel level drops below the gas relay or continues to decrease, the transformer should be immediately stopped.


3.False fuel level. The reasons for false fuel level may include: when the non capsule sealed conservator fuel gauge pipe is blocked, the respirator is blocked, or the explosion-proof pipe air hole is blocked, false fuel level will occur. When there is a certain amount of air in the capsule sealed fuel conservator, the capsule is obstructed and breathing is not smooth, the capsule installation position is unreasonable, and the capsule bag is broken, it can also cause false fuel levels. When handling, the heavy gas protection should be removed first.


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