What Can Be Done to Make Yuchai Generator Set More Years to Use

Oct. 12, 2021

do you know? The autumn and winter maintenance of Yuchai generator sets has entered a suitable stage, and the diesel engine is used as the core of the unit. The practical significance of its autumn and winter maintenance is beyond doubt. How to maintain the diesel generator set in autumn and winter to ensure that the diesel engine does not have a system failure? The following diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Power provides you with a comprehensive guide to diesel engine maintenance in autumn and winter.


1. Change the oil in time.


In autumn and winter, the standard of diesel engine lubrication system is higher when using generator sets under normal conditions. If the engine oil is still used in summer, it must be replaced. It is also necessary to check whether the model is suitable for low temperature, whether it is missing or deteriorated. For longer use time, darker color, and poorer adhesion, the oil should be replaced to reduce the damage to the engine parts, to prolong the service life, to prevent the formation of system failure problems and to ensure the smooth use of the diesel engine.


2. Add antifreeze.


Antifreeze is also a protective agent. In winter, the outdoor environment temperature is very low. If you want to start the diesel generator set regularly, try to ensure enough antifreeze as safe as possible. Otherwise, the water tank is more likely to freeze, and there is no way to cycle regularly, and the diesel generator set will have a problem of system failure. The appropriate antifreeze should be selected according to the ambient temperature. Antifreeze of counterfeit and inferior products should not be used, and ordinary water should not be added to replace the antifreeze.


3. Perform regular execution to completely remove the dirt from the water tank.


If the engine water tank is corroded and rusted, the fouling will limit the fluidity of the coolant in the cooling system, reduce the basic function of heat dissipation, and cause the engine to overheat or even be damaged. The key factor leading to these is that no good antifreeze is used. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable antifreeze. Check the antifreeze liquid level of diesel engines from time to time. The liquid level should be between the high scale and the low scale.

What Can Be Done to Make Yuchai Generator Set More Years to Use

4. Perform regularly to completely remove carbon deposits.


Too much carbon deposits will cause abnormal phenomena such as difficulty in using diesel generator sets and unstable idling speed, which will increase the fuel quantity of diesel engines and damage their service life.


Normally, it is necessary to maintain a good habit of stable rotation, perform regular cleaning of the throttle, suitable for high-quality diesel and engine oil to prevent long-term idling and prevent the formation of carbon deposits.


5. Maintain a scientific and standardized speed from beginning to end.


In the regular rotation of the diesel generator set, the scientific and standardized speed can allow the diesel engine to rotate regularly. For a long time, the diesel engine will be fully loaded at low gear and high speed or high gear and low speed, which not only consumes fuel, but also damages the diesel engine.


6. Replace the three filters on time.


Three filters refer to air filters, oil filters and diesel filters. The three filters play the basic function of filtering gas, oil and diesel on the engine. Therefore, if you want the diesel engine to maintain a better use situation from beginning to end, you need to replace the three filter elements regularly during the regulated time period, so that the scientific standardization can be carried out. Diesel engines give full play to the basic functions of safety protection and improve the production efficiency of diesel engines.


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