Purchasing Diesel Generator Sets is an Effective Measure of "Power Curtailment"

Oct. 12, 2021

Since the beginning of this year, with the strong growth in power demand and the rise in the price of power generation fuels, the business environment of power generation companies has continued to deteriorate, and there has been a situation of "the more you lose, the more you lose." Orderly use of electricity and the inability to continue power supply have brought many risks to enterprises such as cost increase and order default, which seriously affects the normal operation of the majority of small and medium-sized production enterprises. At this time, the purchase of generating set will be the company’s response to the "power curtailment" policy. The most direct and effective solution to ensure the production of electricity.


In order to help every business owner make the best decision, you should understand the following 4 questions before buying a diesel generator set.


1. What is the electricity consumption of commercial diesel generators?


The first thing you want to determine is how many watts can effectively keep your business running. If you run a small business, you may only need to keep office lights, servers, computers, and printers up and running-relatively low power loads. In contrast, in addition to large-scale production machinery with higher kilowatts, large-scale manufacturing plants must also provide power for all the above-mentioned equipment.


One way to know the required wattage is to assess the electricity bill. Checking your electricity consumption in the past year to determine your daily needs will help narrow down the area of generators suitable for your business. Usually, your monthly electricity bill will list your business' peak usage-this is a good indicator of your needs. To ensure that you have enough spare power, it is recommended to calculate your overall spare KW demand 25% higher than the peak usage.


In any case, although the above suggestions will point you in the right direction, you still want a professional generator dealer to evaluate and advise you before buying.

Purchasing Diesel Generator Sets is an Effective Measure of "Power Curtailment"


2. What is running time?


The next factor to consider is the period of time you need the generator to power your business. You will not know how long the power outage may last, so predicting the time period will be a bit difficult.


Nevertheless, you still want to buy a diesel generator that can run indefinitely, because it will become the main source of power. Running time is closely related to fuel type, so getting the most efficient fuel for your business is always important.


Whether it is a small business or a manufacturing company, you want to ensure that the fuel can support your diesel generator for a long time. Once the fuel is exhausted, your generator will stop running, so always consider the source of fuel.


3. Is the generator fixed or portable?


An important question to ask about your commercial diesel generator is its mobility. Depending on the type of business you are operating, you may need to fix the generator.


A stationary diesel generator connects to your power line and monitors your electricity. If there is a power failure, the diesel generator will automatically start to provide power to your business. This is especially useful if your business sells or manufactures frozen or perishable goods.


In this case, the stationary diesel generator can also ensure that your safety lights stay on during a power outage at night.


Portable diesel generators are also very useful and often more affordable. If you want to renovate your business and need to disconnect the power supply, this is a good choice.


Both portable and stationary diesel generators help to improve safety when there is a power outage. For example, if your office is dark and usually needs lighting during the day, a portable diesel generator can help prevent accidents.


4. Are diesel generators cost-friendly?


Your diesel generator should be able to meet your budget. However, it is important to consider that sometimes even if the cost is cheaper, you may not be able to buy a good deal. This is because you must consider the maintenance costs that will arise sooner or later.


Commercial diesel generators usually require frequent maintenance, maintenance and testing to ensure they operate efficiently. Sometimes this can become very expensive for you, so please factor this into your budget.


Another factor to consider is fuel cost, which usually fluctuates, so it is difficult to determine the price. However, when choosing a generator, try to predict the future fuel cost and let it be your guiding force in choosing a generator.


All businesses need equipment that can function normally in emergency situations. As long as you run a business, you must consider all options to save you time and money. Invest in a commercial diesel generator that best suits your business and make sure to consider all the factors discussed here.


If you run a large business, you want to make sure that your diesel generators can run efficiently with the right fuel and connect to your utility lines. If you run a small business, you can use a small portable diesel generator.


If you need help in choosing the most efficient commercial diesel generator for your business, you can contact by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com. Dingbo Power now has a large number of diesel generators in stock, which can be supplied from stock, without waiting, we can help you find the most suitable for you Diesel generator set on demand.

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