What Causes 100KW Diesel Generators Shut Down

Jul. 24, 2021

Why does the intake of air into the fuel system of 100KW diesel generators cause the shutdown of the fuel system? What is the reason for the automatic shutdown of the diesel generator's fuel system when it enters the air?


Maintenance of shut-down faults in fuel system of diesel generating set: after the fuel injection pump in diesel engine in diesel generator is connected with the oil circuit, a sealed loop is formed, when there is air in the original body, the fuel injection pump in the diesel engine in the diesel generator is connected to the oil circuit. The diesel generator set stopped working because it could not supply oil.

 Diesel Generator Shut Down if Air Enters Fuel System

1. The diesel generator operator should first check the stock of diesel fuel in the fuel tank, if it has been used up, and whether the fuel line has left the oil surface.


2. Check whether the outlet of the fuel tank is blocked and cause the oil path to form a vacuum negative pressure so that no fuel can be supplied. After the injection pump in the diesel engine of the diesel generator's original power is connected with the oil path, a sealed loop is formed, when there is air in the original body. The unit should stop working because it can't be supplied with oil.


3. Check if the outlet of the fuel tank is blocked and cause the oil path to form a vacuum negative pressure so that no fuel can be supplied, then release the vent screws in the injection pump, pump the oil with the hand pump, if there is a large number of bubbles or foams, and feel that the fuel supply is not smooth and fast. It is indicated that the low pressure oil path is also blocked. At this time, the coarse, fine diesel oil filter is blocked, the tubing is cracked, and the oil pipe is flat. Does the gasket at the various tubing joints forget to install or if the gasket has been damaged, causing leakage or air intake.


4. When the hand pump oil, the feeling is very smooth, but there is no pressure, this is mainly due to spring break or fatigue deformation in the return overflow valve on the fuel injection pump, ball wear or dirt pad up and the seal is not tight. Cause the low pressure of the oil path to be too low and cause the fuel injection pump to be insufficient.


5. When checking the sealing effect of the return oil overflow valve, use the hand to plug the inlet with the mouth blow gas, blow not to be normal, otherwise the seal is not strict, when using the hand pump oil, pull the handle should feel elastic, pressure is very easy or release the handle automatic return.


6. Order hand pumps should also check for blockages between fuel injection pumps and fuel tanks. If there is blockage, most of the blockage is due to the clogging of the filter under the fuel pump or damage to the gasket, which is due to the contamination of the filter under the oil supply pump and the damage to the gasket.


7. Using hand pump oil, the shaft movement handle feels no suction, when pressing down the handle, the sense resistance is very large, mainly because the oil path between the oil pump and the oil pump is clogged. Most of them are due to the reverse loading of the injection pump inlet screws with the relief valve, the reverse or excessive wear of the check valve in the oil transmission pump, and the aging and damage of the rubber seal ring of the hand pump and so on.


8. For example, a large number of bubbles appear in the return tubing of the injector, which is mainly due to the fact that some cylinder nozzle couple is stuck in the opening position, and the high pressure gas in the cylinder is channeling into the injection pump body. Remove one end of the oil filter connected to the return tubing, block the return port of the filter, and the bubble disappears, indicating that the fault is in the injector, and then find out which cylinder nozzle couple is stuck and remove it.


How to remove air from fuel system of diesel generator set?


1. Conventional methods. Unscrew any of the exhaust screws on either side of the fuel injection pump with a screwdriver or wrench, press the manual pump until the diesel oil is discharged continuously, without air bubbles, and make a "squeak" sound. Then screw the vent screw and press the manual pump back to its original position


2. If you are not releasing the spanner in the line, you can press your hand pump repeatedly until the pressure of the low pressure oil path from the pump to the injection pump is high enough to flow fuel from the relief valve into the fuel return line. The gas in the oil path will be discharged from the relief valve.

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