How to Deal with Low Oil Pressure Problem in Perkins Generator Set

Jul. 11, 2021

During the operation of Perkins generator set, we may meet the problem of low oil pressure. The low oil pressure of Perkins diesel generator set will lead to poor lubrication of all transmission parts, which can not play the role of normal oil circulation and pressure lubrication, and the lubricating parts can not get enough oil.

In addition, if the oil circuit is blocked, it may even cause shaft pulling and bush burning. Therefore, in the process of using Perkins generator set, pay attention to observe the oil pressure gauge or oil pressure indicator. If it is found that the oil pressure is lower than the specified pressure, stop the machine immediately. Don't ignore this problem. Be sure to find out the cause carefully and remove the fault before continuing to use it.

What causes the low oil pressure of Perkins generator set? Normally, the oil pressure should be kept at a certain value. But if the oil pressure is too low when it is in use, it will affect the normal use. What factors are causing this problem?

1.Faults in oil pressure grade.

Before using the generator, we must check and confirm the equipment, and make sure that there is no problem with the pressure gauge. After all, the values we see are confirmed by such measuring instruments. If there are problems in the values and the measuring instruments are not accurate, how can we ensure the correct reading of oil pressure? Therefore, before using Perkins generator set, first look at the pressure gauge.

2.The oil filter is blocked.

If the oil filter is blocked, the oil flow will not be smooth, and the safety valve will be pushed open, and the oil will enter the main oil passage directly without filtering. If the opening pressure of the safety valve is too high and the valve is not opened in time, the oil pump will leak and add oil, which will reduce the oil supply to the main oil passage and the oil pressure will also decrease. Therefore, the oil filter should be regularly maintained.

In fact, the cleaning of the lubricating oil filter of Perkins generator set is still very critical, and it should be cleaned regularly as far as possible. The treatment work of Perkins generator set  is also very important, so the equipment must be confirmed when it is used. If it has not been maintained for a long time, the filter may be blocked, which will naturally affect the subsequent use.

Perkins generator set

3.The oil output of oil pump is less.

The low roughness of the joint surface between the pump cover and the pump body, the missing gasket at the joint surface between the pump and the cylinder body, the reverse installation of the rotor, and the increase of the radial and end clearance of the gear or rotor will reduce the oil output and lead to the decrease of the oil pressure.

When using Perkins generator, we must pay attention to the problem of oil addition. Generally, the diesel generator manufacturers will do a good job in oil pressure test, and only when there is no problem can they lease it to us. So if it is used for a long time, or the other party did not test well before, but there is too little oil, in fact, it can be added in time to ensure a certain amount. 

4.The oil return valve is damaged.

Improper adjustment or softening of the spring of the return valve in the main oil passage, abrasion or jamming of the joint surface between the valve seat and the steel ball will lead to an obvious increase of the return oil volume and a decrease of the oil pressure in the main oil passage.

5.Damage during maintenance.

Check whether the mechanical adjustment and repair are damaged, whether the bearing clearance is staggered, whether the main bearing or connecting rod bearing is damaged, or the engine needs to be overhauled.

We hope that the above contents summarized by Perkins diesel generator set manufacturers can be helpful to you. If the oil pressure of the unit is too low, we can focus on the above aspects. Diesel generator set manufacturer reminds you that you should pay attention to the maintenance of diesel generator set, so as to find out the problems in time, so as to avoid the expansion of the fault and bring incalculable losses.

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