What Causes Perkins Diesel Genset Piston Ring Abnormal Noise

Jan. 14, 2022

The abnormal sound at the piston ring of Perkins diesel generator set for engineering construction mainly includes the metal knocking sound of piston ring, the air leakage sound of piston ring and the abnormal sound caused by excessive carbon deposition. Dingbo power introduction: the reasons for the three abnormal noises at the piston ring of Perkins diesel generator set for engineering construction are different! Let's take a look at the content below.

1. Metal knocking sound of piston ring.

After the engine works for a long time, the cylinder wall is worn, but the original geometry and size are maintained where the upper part of the cylinder wall is not in contact with the piston ring, which makes the cylinder wall form a step. If the old cylinder gasket or the new cylinder gasket is too thin, the working piston ring will collide with the steps of the cylinder wall, making a dull "poof" metal impact sound. If the engine speed increases, the abnormal sound will also increase. In addition, if the piston ring is broken or the gap between the piston ring and the ring groove is too large, it will also cause a large knocking sound.

What Causes Perkins Diesel Genset Piston Ring Abnormal Noise

2. Air leakage sound of piston ring.

The piston ring elasticity of Perkins diesel generators for engineering construction is weakened, the opening clearance is too large or the opening overlaps, and the cylinder wall is pulled with grooves, which will cause the piston ring air leakage. The sound is a kind of "drink" or "hiss", and a "poof" sound will be issued in case of serious air leakage. The judgment method is to shut down the engine when the engine water temperature reaches more than 80 ℃, then inject a little fresh and clean engine oil into the cylinder, rotate the crankshaft for several revolutions, and restart the engine. At this time, if the abnormal noise disappears but reappears soon, it can be considered that the piston ring has air leakage.

3. Abnormal sound of excessive carbon deposition.

When there is too much carbon deposit, the abnormal sound from the cylinder is a sharp sound. Because the carbon deposit is burned red, the engine ignites prematurely and is not easy to shut down. The formation of carbon deposit at the piston ring is mainly due to the lax sealing between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, excessive opening clearance, reverse installation of the piston ring, overlapping ring ports and other reasons, resulting in the upward channeling of lubricating oil and the downward channeling of high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which burns at the piston ring, resulting in the formation of carbon deposit or sticking to the piston ring, so that the piston ring loses its elasticity and sealing function. Generally, this fault can be solved after changing the piston ring with suitable specification.

In addition to the abnormal sound at the piston ring of Perkins diesel generator set for engineering construction, the sound of piston crown and cylinder head, cylinder knocking, piston pin knocking and abnormal sound of valve are all fault precursors. Generally speaking, the abnormal noise will be relatively obvious and easy to attract everyone's attention. After detecting the abnormality, we need to find the cause of the fault according to the law as soon as possible, and carry out timely maintenance work to restore the equipment to a good working state.

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