What is the Difference Between Gasoline Engine Oil and Diesel Engine Oil

Oct. 28, 2021

I believe many people will have doubts. Engine lubricants are used for lubrication, friction reduction, cooling, cleaning and sealing, and leakage prevention. But why is it divided into gasoline engine lubricants and diesel engine lubricants, both of which are engine lubrication. Oil, what is the difference between the two?


First of all, the two engines have different requirements for oil performance.Although gasoline engines and diesel engines work under the same conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high speed and high load, there are still big differences between the two. Gasoline engines are much smaller than diesel engines, and a large amount of sludge is generated during the combustion process, which puts forward higher requirements on the oil dispersion performance and avoids blocking the engine filter. Diesel engines are much larger than gasoline engines, and a large amount of carbon deposits are formed during the combustion process. This has higher requirements for the cleaning performance of the oil, so that the carbon deposits can be quickly cleaned and the normal operation of the diesel engine can be ensured.


In addition, the compression ratio of a diesel engine is more than twice that of a gasoline engine, and its main parts are much more exposed to high temperature, high pressure, and impact than gasoline engines. Therefore, the requirements for corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature shear of the engine oil are higher. However, because the gasoline engine oil does not have such high anti-corrosion requirements, if it is added to the diesel engine, the bearing bush is prone to spots, pits, and even flaking off during use. The engine oil will quickly become dirty and cause bush burning. A shaft holding accident occurred.


The viscosity and additive formula of the two engine oils are different. Because of the different performance requirements, the viscosity and additive formula of gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil are also different. Generally speaking, the load of gasoline engine is relatively small, the clearance fit of each part is more precise, and the requirement for oil viscosity is not as high as that of diesel engine, so diesel engine oil with the same viscosity grade has higher viscosity than gasoline engine oil.

What is the Difference Between Gasoline Engine Oil and Diesel Engine Oil


At the same time, gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil have different additive formula requirements. Diesel engine oil requires high cleaning performance, so more detergent and dispersant need to be added to clean the engine interior more efficiently. The sulfur content of diesel is greater than that of gasoline. This harmful substance will form sulfuric acid or sulfurous acid during the combustion process. Together with high-temperature and high-pressure exhaust gas, it will enter the oil pan to accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the engine oil. Therefore, it is used in the formulation of diesel engine oil. Need to add more antioxidants and make the oil more alkaline additives. In addition, in other additives, the requirements of the two engine oils are different, some need more anticorrosive agents, and some need more antiwear agents.


It can be seen from this that there are still many differences between gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil, which need to be distinguished by car owners carefully.

But now there are also some brands that produce general-purpose engine oils that can satisfy both gasoline engines and diesel engines. The lubrication performance of general-purpose engine oil must meet the performance requirements of steam engine oil and diesel engine oil at the same time, and its formula combination and distribution need to be carefully selected and balanced. It is much more complicated. Therefore, it has higher requirements on the strength and technology of brand manufacturers. , Generally, big brands have general-purpose products.


Now everyone has a preliminary understanding of the difference between gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil, right? There should also be a certain direction in the choice of oil. If you are still afraid that choosing the wrong oil will harm the engine, high-quality general-purpose oil is a good choice. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact Dingbo Power by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com.


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