What Should We Pay Attention to in Acceptance of Generator Set

Jul. 02, 2021

With the wide application of diesel generator set in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, engineering construction and other industries, the consumer market has higher and higher requirements for equipment quality and performance. In order to ensure users can buy high quality and low price of generator set, Diesel generator factory Dingbo Power is going to teach you how to carry out the acceptance of generator set.

Maybe some user has not special equipment to test the generator set, so can not know whether the rated power of generator set meet the design requirements. We should pay attention to follow items when doing the acceptance of generator set.

1.When supplying diesel generator set, there are many parts, we should check one by one according to the packing list after received generator set. Check the main engine, accessories, special tools, spare parts and accompanying technical documents. Check the certificate of quality and factory test records of genset, engine, alternator. Generally, generator set manufacturer will purchase diesel engine, alternator, controller from engine, alternator and controller manufacturer, then they assembly complete generator set in their factory. Therefore, there is certificate of quality, factory test report delivering with diesel engine and alternator. You check them one by one.

2.When in the appearance inspection, we should check whether there have the name plate, the fuselage has no missing parts, and the coating is complete or not.

Genset in machine room

The process handover confirmation of diesel generator set includes below items.

1.The generator set can be installed only after the foundation has passed the acceptance.

2.The generator set fixed by anchor bolts is installed through mechanical installation procedures such as initial leveling, bolt hole grouting, fine leveling, fastening anchor bolts and secondary grouting. The bottom of the unit is padded flat and solid.

3.Oil, air, water cooling, air cooling, flue gas emission and other systems and vibration isolation and noise prevention facilities have been installed. After inspection, there is no oil leakage, and the mechanism operates smoothly, and the speed automatic or manual control meets the requirements. In order to prevent accidents, fuel leakage and fire accidents during no-load test operation, fire-fighting equipment should be provided according to design requirements or fire regulations. At the same time, we should do well in fire fighting plan. When the static test of the generator, random distribution board and control cabinet wiring inspection are qualified, then can do no-load test.

4.The no-load test of the generator set can only be carried out if the no-load test run and test adjustment of the diesel engine are qualified. Otherwise, it is not safe to blindly load the generator set.

5.The place around the generator set should be kept clean, and articles that can produce acid-base, alkaline and other irritating gases and steam should be avoided.

6.The shell of generator set must be provided with safe and reliable grounding protection. For generator set that need to have a neutral point that can be directly grounded, the neutral grounding must be carried out by professional personnel and equipped with lightning protection device. It is strictly forbidden to use the grounding device of municipal power to carry out the neutral point that can be directly grounded.

7.The machine room should be well ventilated. There should be sufficient air inlet at the generator end and good air outlet at the diesel generator end. The air outlet area should be more than 1.5 times of the water tank area. If the air inlet is not smooth or does not meet the requirements, less air will enter the cylinder, which will lead to incomplete oil in the cylinder, carbon deposition, and interference with the load working capacity of the diesel generator set. Similarly, if the exhaust pipe does not meet the requirements and the oxygen content of the air in the engine room is reduced, the fuel in the cylinder will be incomplete and carbon deposition will occur, which will interfere with the load working capacity of the diesel generator set.

8.When the foundation is made of concrete, the leveler must be used to measure its flatness during assembly, so that the unit can be fixed on the horizontal foundation. There should be special shockproof pad or foot bolt between the unit and the foundation.

9.The two-way switch between the generator set and the power supply must be very safe and reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The wiring reliability of the two-way switch shall be verified by the local power supply department.

Genset acceptance on site

The above is the diesel generator set acceptance steps. As an important emergency standby generator, the user must ensure that it can run continuously without fault within the specified time, and then it can be put into use to ensure safety. Dingbo Power has been highly recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Hope the information we share can help you when in the acceptance of generator set.

Dingbo Power not only provides technical support information, but also generator set manufacturer, who has more than 14 years’ experience in production of diesel generators. Since 2006, generator set manufactured by Dingbo Power has gain many good feedback from users all over the world. If you are interested in 20kw-3000kw diesel generator set, welcome to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com or call us directly by phone +8613481024441(same as WeChat). We believe we can provide you good quality product and service to let you save more cost.

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