When Need to Change the Belts of 350kva Generator

Dec. 29, 2021

This year, generators have been applied in more and more fields and have a wide range of applications. After the generator has been used for a long time, it is often unavoidable that parts and components fail. So many people do not know when to replace the belt of 350kva generator. Today Dingbo Power tell you the answers, please follow up the article.

1. When 350kva generator is working, the three angles of the generator will maintain a certain degree of tension, and the pressure of the V-belt will increase under normal circumstances.

2. When the V-belt can be pressed for a distance of 10-20mm, over-tightening will easily cause the bearings of the generator, fan and water pump to wear out and malfunction.

3. Triangular overtransmission will cause the drive accessories to fail to reach the required speed, which will easily cause the belt to go out of the groove, and the generator voltage, fan air volume, and water pump volume will decrease, which will affect the normal operation of the generator.

4. The generator needs to be maintained for a period of time, and the generator belt should be inspected. If the core is broken or the groove section is cracked, we must replace it immediately.

5. When the belt is separated from the covering layer and the drawstring, we have to change the belt.

6. There should be a gap between the inner diameter of the belt and the bottom of the pulley groove. If there is no gap, we must also replace the belt.

350kva Generator Set

Adjustment of Fan Drive Belt of Diesel Generator Set

1. Loosen the large lock nut on the fan or the screw that fastens the fan to the mounting bracket.

2. Turn the adjusting screw to increase the tension of the belt.

3. Tighten the lock nuts or screws until the fans are aligned. Tighten the nuts to keep the fan and fan tray properly aligned.

Note: Do not use the adjusting screw to adjust the tension of the fan belt, which may cause excessive tightening.

4. Tighten the lock nut on the engine to 400 to 450 foot-pounds [542 to 610 N·m], and then loosen it 1/2 turn.

5. Recheck the belt tension.

6. Loosen the adjusting screw half a turn to prevent damage.

Structure and function of belt pulley in diesel generator set

Let's introduce the structure and function of the belt pulley in the diesel generator set. Let's learn together.

The function of the engine pulley is to transmit power. When there is an accessory belt, the power output from the crankshaft is transmitted to the compressor, power steering pump, water pump, generator, etc; The timing belt transmits the power output by the crankshaft to the camshaft to drive the timing system; Some engines with balance shaft also drive the balance shaft through belt.

Belt pulley is a kind of hub part with large relative size. Generally, the manufacturing process is mainly casting and forging. Generally, the design with large size is casting method, Generally, the materials are cast iron (good casting performance), and cast steel is rarely used (poor casting performance of steel); generally, the small size can be designed as forging, and the material is steel. The belt pulley is mainly used for long-distance power transmission.

The advantages of belt pulley transmission are:

Belt pulley transmission can alleviate load impact;

Belt pulley transmission runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration; 

Belt pulley transmission has a simple structure and easy adjustment;

The shortcoming of belt pulley transmission are:

Belt pulley transmission is not as strict as mesh transmission for the manufacturing and installation accuracy of belt pulleys; belt pulley transmission It has the function of overload protection;

The adjustment range of the center distance of the two shafts driven by the belt pulley is large;

The disadvantages of belt transmission are: pulley transmission has elastic sliding and slipping, low transmission efficiency and inability to maintain accurate transmission ratio; 

When pulley transmission transmits the same large circumferential force, the outline size and pressure on the shaft are larger than meshing transmission; pulley transmission belt The life span is shorter.

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