Working Principle Of Gas Generator

Dec. 28, 2021

Gas generator is a new and efficient new energy generator, which uses combustible gases such as liquefied gas and natural gas as combustion materials and replaces gasoline and diesel as engine power.


What is the working principle of gas generator?


The engine is coaxially connected with the generator and placed on the chassis of the whole machine, then the muffler and governor are connected to the engine, the gas source is connected to the gas channel in the engine, the recoil starter with pull rope is connected to the engine and the voltage regulator is connected to the output end of the generator. The combustible gas inside the gas source is natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, or biogas. Compared with gasoline generator set and diesel generator set, the use of gas generator set reduces the pollution to the environment and is an environment-friendly and energy-saving generator. Moreover, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, safe and reliable use, and stable output voltage and frequency.

 Gasoline Generator

The filter device is used to protect the valve of the gas pipeline, and the aperture of the filter screen shall not be greater than 1.5mm. Gas pressure stabilizing filter device is the main and key equipment in the process of gas transmission and distribution. It mainly undertakes the functions of pressure regulation and pressure stabilization, as well as one or more functions such as filtration, metering, odorization and gas distribution.


The fluctuation of outlet pressure of pressure stabilizing valve shall not exceed ± 5% in the whole combustion regulation range. If the air valve train is equipped with an independent pressure stabilizing valve, the front end of its air inlet shall be equipped with an independent filtering device to avoid blocking the air pipe in the pressure stabilizing valve.


What are the advantages of gas generator?

1.Good power generation quality

Because the generator only rotates during operation, the electric regulation reaction speed is fast, the operation is particularly stable, the accuracy of generator output voltage and frequency is high, and the fluctuation is small. When suddenly adding air and reducing 50% and 75% load, the unit is very stable. It is better than the electrical performance index of diesel generator set.


2.Good startup performance and high startup success rate

The time from successful cold start to full load is only 30 seconds, while the international regulations stipulate that the diesel generator will be loaded 3 minutes after successful start. The gas turbine generator set can ensure the success rate of startup under any ambient temperature and climate.


3.Low noise and vibration

Because the gas turbine is rotating at high speed, its vibration is very small, and its low-frequency noise is better than that of diesel generator set.


4. The combustible gas used is clean and cheap energy.

Such as: gas, straw gas, biogas, etc. the generator set fueled by them not only has reliable operation and low cost, but also can turn waste into treasure without pollution.


System composition of gas generator

The system is mainly composed of gas generator host, automatic control system, silent vibration reduction system and gas system.

Gas generator

The working principle of the gas-fired generator is the same as that of the gasoline generator. After the reliable performance transformation and improvement, the fuel is only changed from gasoline to natural gas, and the mature and stable internal combustion engine technology is used. After the generator outputs stable and reliable alternating current, the steady-state adjustment rate and fluctuation rate of voltage (frequency), off-line voltage deviation of asymmetric load, sinusoidal distortion rate of line voltage waveform, transient voltage (frequency) adjustment rate and stability time all meet the requirements of national standards.


The automatic control system can realize the following safety protection functions: overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overload protection, frequency protection, gas leakage protection, chassis temperature protection, low oil level protection and cooling water temperature protection.


Silent damping system

The mute and vibration reduction system includes mute and vibration reduction chassis and inlet and outlet air silencer. The mute system greatly reduces the mechanical noise of the engine, and meets the high mute demand with mute and vibration reduction chassis and large air duct silencer.

When the enhanced configuration is adopted, the minimum noise can reach less than 45dB, meeting the requirements of various environments.

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