3 Simple Tips to Distinguish true and false Shangchai Diesel Generator set

Dec. 02, 2021

Power mains supply is needed for normal user, but in order to better prevent blackouts, set on wood stake for emergency diesel generator running, in order to ensure the buildings set the daily operation and daily life, to prevent a huge loss or safety accident, this type of diesel generator set be device since the rev management, high intelligent degree regulations.  Hospital departments, financial institutions, railway stations, cloud data centers, real estate and other very important power consumption companies must provide uninterrupted power source, equipped with Shangchai stock diesel generator set as backup power source.

3 Simple Tips to Distinguish true and false Shangchai Diesel Generator set  

Diesel generator set special brand engine: Shanghai Chai Stock, Shanghai Chai, Cummins, Weichai.  Very powerful output power, high quality fuel saving characteristics, excellent sound insulation results, high quality environmental protection and energy saving ideas, convenient operation characteristics, with compact structure, small footprint, stable characteristics, low noise, economic and practical.  

3 Simple Tips to Distinguish true and false Shangchai Diesel Generator set

If we want to distinguish the true and false of the diesel generator set, we can start from three aspects:  

1. Difference in appearance: At present, all engine coatings produced by Shangchai Stock are uniform and full without color difference.  For users who are familiar with the engine, they can distinguish the true and false of shangchai generator engine by the appearance, color and overall color difference of the engine.  

2. Different from the nameplate on the body of the unit: the body of each diesel generator set is equipped with nameplate of the Diesel generator set.  


3. Different from the nameplate of the fuselage: Shangchai engine has only one identification mark, including engine model, engine number, production date, power of special equipment, etc.  Call the original factory to confirm the code, you can understand moving the diesel engine to distinguish true and false.  


In the purchase of Diesel generator set, we must pay attention to the three aspects mentioned by Guangxi Dingbo power, and carefully clear the distinction between true and false special equipment.  Inevitably, the process of purchase should be to choose a formal OEM authorized professional manufacturer Dingbo power, so as to greatly reduce the probability of purchasing shoddy special equipment.  

Diesel generating sets have a variety of brands, to run normally, as a special equipment for diesel engine of name, each manufacturer specialized equipment have the difference, the difference of the precision of the diesel generator set, power, stability, there is a difference between fuel consumption, special function module, immediately run is same special equipment for diesel engine, generator, special equipment  Diesel generator factory installation process difference, thus the quality of machine equipment is also different, the fundamental reason is very simple, the higher the precision of installation process noise is smaller, the friction between components will be smaller, the coordination between components will be better, the higher the stability will be, the longer the service life.  


Diesel generator after sales and parts related issues.  It is very important that users must understand that no matter how good the quality of the diesel generator set is, its quality cannot be ensured for life. It will produce wear and tear in the operation process. Maintenance of diesel generator set is a very daily work, especially the replacement of parts.  In the future, it will be easier to choose the mass brand on the market to buy parts. On the contrary, if you choose special equipment with less after-sales guarantee point, then the parts behind may not be easily bought, which must be paid attention to.  

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