Why a 500kW Low Noise Diesel Generator Set Does Not work Suddenly

Dec. 02, 2021

In numerous specifications of diesel generating sets, and a diesel generating set is called silent diesel generator set, don't know if people treat the new products have have a look at, today Dingbo power I will talk about a 500 kw low noise diesel generating sets the product make an introduction for the topic, also hope to help more people know about the familiar with the device.  

Low noise diesel generating set by the user in the market in recent years, the device is scientific research and development in order to better adapt to the high standards of the present stage of environmental noise reduction progress in all aspects through research and analysis, combined with the principle of gas dynamics and pneumatic acoustics, secondary research and development, design the low noise diesel generating set, in order to make the noise,  The mute box of diesel generator set is filled with noise-canceling material, which has the effect of heat insulation and noise reduction.  


The reason why a 500kW low noise diesel generator set does not generate power suddenly when it is normally supplied  

The most significant advantages of quiet diesel generator set are low noise, low vibration, many models, common sizes, low noise diesel generator set can meet different standards for a variety of occasions.  

Our factory has strict material quality standards for low noise diesel generator sets. The box body has formed a more reasonable exhaust duct through design and stretch forming, which improves the working efficiency of the generator sets.  

 Why a 500kW Low Noise Diesel Generator Set Does Not work Suddenly

Low noise diesel generator set in the use of the link is also need maintenance,  Routine inspection regularly clean the surface dust, the shell of any knock against any need for bolt, clean bearings, routine inspection, regular checks into outlet for dust deposition obstruction, adjust the tightness of the triangle, lubrication rotational parts immediately oil change and sealing ring, also should pay attention to in the last diesel generating sets and pipeline internal have water,  Prevent rusting and reduce the service life of low noise centrifugal diesel generator set.  

This is a 500KW low noise diesel generator set, diesel engine starting to the rotation speed of 800r/min, the generator gradually pressurized, rotating speed increases when the working voltage is also increasing, to the rated power rotation speed, the working voltage in 380V.  When the working voltage does not meet the requirements, the potentiometer can be adjusted.  The components that are not easy to damage are sealed in the board with black glue, such as diode, triode, SCR, etc.  


This 500KW low noise generator set does not generate power due to: exciter overload operation caused by short circuit fault or short circuit problem;  Bad contact of live wire or excitation wire into automatic controller of working voltage system: short circuit of excitation fuse.  


Problem solving:  

(1) Start from the part of the simple routine inspection, open the electrical control cabinet of the power distribution cabinet, take off the excitation insurance, carry out the detection with the multimeter electric block, and know that the excitation insurance chip short circuit.  

(2) Switch to a new safety plate, restart the diesel engine to the rotation speed of 80r/min up and down, the generator gradually build pressure, the problem is removed.  

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