300KVA Perkins Diesel Generator Three Filters

Nov. 13, 2021

With the development of the times, problems such as large power consumption and insufficient power supply have also entered people's vision. Because of this, Shangchai generator set has been widely used in construction, hotels, hotels, hospitals, schools, elevators, mines, engineering, aquaculture and other industries. Many users begin to pay attention to the maintenance of Shangchai generator set. Now let's talk about the "three filters" of 300kva Perkins diesel generator, namely air filter, lubricating oil (engine oil) filter and diesel filter.

1. First introduce the diesel generator oil filter. If the diesel generator set is not in time for maintenance, the filter element is clogged, the oil pressure is increased, the safety valve is opened, and the lubricating oil directly flows into the main oil passage, which will aggravate the wear of the lubricating surface. Affect the service life of diesel generator sets. 

Therefore, the oil filter should be cleaned once every 180-200 hours of operation. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to prevent impurities from entering the lubrication surface. The diesel generator set should be used for season change. The crankcase and each lubricating surface should also be cleaned. The method is to mix the oil, kerosene and diesel oil for washing oil. After the oil is released, it can be washed by adding washing oil. Then, the diesel generator runs at low speed 3-5. Minutes, then drain the washing oil and add new oil.

 300KVA silent generator

2. The diesel generator air filter should not be installed, reverse-mounted or misplaced with various sealing gaskets and rubber connecting pipes during installation, and ensure the tightness of each pressing. Use the paper dust cup air filter. For every 50-100 hours of work, remove the dust once. Use a soft brush to brush off the surface dust. If the working time exceeds 500 hours or it is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Use oil bath air filter, clean the filter element and replace the oil in every 100-200 hours of operation. If the filter element is broken, it needs to be replaced immediately, and pay attention to the addition of oil according to the regulations.


3. For various fuel filters in the diesel generator fuel supply system, every 100-200 hours of operation, the debris should be removed once, and the fuel tank and each oil pipeline should be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the filter element and seal, it should be especially careful to find damage and need to be replaced in time. When the oil is changed during the season, the parts of the entire fuel supply system should be cleaned. The diesel used should meet the seasonal requirements and require 48 hours of precipitation purification.

The "three filters" on the Perkins generator are very important in the use of diesel engine. To prolong the service life of Shangchai generator, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of air filter, oil filter and fuel filter and give full play to their role.

The air filter shall be dedusted every 50 ~ 100h. If the working time exceeds 500h or has been damaged, it shall be replaced.

Use the oil bath air filter. Clean the filter element with clean diesel oil every 100-200h and replace the engine oil. If the filter element is broken, replace it immediately.

The oil filter shall be cleaned every 180 ~ 200H. If it is damaged, it shall be replaced immediately.

The fuel filter shall be cleaned of sundries every 100-200h, and the oil tank and each oil pipeline shall be fully cleaned. During seasonal oil change, all parts of the whole fuel supply system shall be cleaned.

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