Advantages Of Synchronous Generator Manufacturer

Feb. 14, 2022

Diesel generator sets are commonly used as backup power sources. Because diesel engines burn diesel as power and drive generators to produce electricity of the same nature as city power, it is used in situations where standby power is needed for more than a few hours after a power failure. Considering the performance-price ratio, the requirements of the working environment and the capacity of nonlinear load, diesel generator sets often have certain advantages over the long delay UPS with multiple groups of large capacity batteries. But it takes about ten seconds for a diesel generator to produce steady power after a mains outage, which is not as good as UPS's uninterrupted supply. Therefore, diesel generator sets and UPS usually take advantage of their advantages to form a complete and reliable power supply system to ensure uninterrupted power supply for important equipment.

Synchronous generators are manufactured on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The main component, a modern alternator, usually consists of two coils; To increase the strength of the magnetic field, part of the coil is wound into grooves in the inner wall of a cylinder made of metal sheets with good permeability. The cylinder is fixed to the base and is called the stator. The coil in the stator can output the induced electromotive force and induced current, so it is also called an armature. The other part of the generator coil is wound in the groove of a cylinder made of highly conductive metal sheet in the stator cylinder, called the rotor. A shaft passes through the center of the rotor and fastens it together, and the ends of the shaft and the base form bearing support. Keep small and uniform clearance with the inner wall of the rotor, and can rotate flexibly. This is called a brushless synchronous generator with a rotating magnetic field structure.

When working, the rotor coil is energized with DC to form a DC constant magnetic field, which is driven by the diesel engine to rotate rapidly and the constant magnetic field also rotates accordingly. The stator's coil is cut by a magnetic field to generate an induced electromotive force, which generates electricity.

 Advantages Of Synchronous Generator Manufacturer

When the rotor and its constant magnetic field are driven by the diesel engine to rotate rapidly, a rotating magnetic field is formed in the small and uniform gap between the rotor and stator, which is called the rotor magnetic field or the main magnetic field. In normal operation, the generator's stator coil, or armature, is connected to the load, and the induced electromotive force generated by the stator coil is cut by the magnetic field line to form an induced current through the load. The current flowing through the stator coil also generates a magnetic field in the gap, called the stator magnetic field or armature magnetic field. In this way, the rotor and stator magnetic fields appear in a small, uniform gap between the rotor and stator, and the two fields interact to form a compound magnetic field. The generator generates electricity by cutting the stator coils with the force of a synthetic magnetic field. Because the stator magnetic field is caused by the rotor magnetic field, and they always maintain a second second, the same speed synchronization relationship, this kind of generator is called synchronous generator. Synchronous generator has many advantages in mechanical structure and electrical performance.


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