Installation of 500kW Diesel Generator and Complement System

Feb. 14, 2022

How to install 500kW diesel generator and supporting system? Dingbo generator manufacturer shares with you.

A. Design of 500kW diesel generator room.

1. The units should be arranged horizontally. When restricted by the building site, they can be arranged longitudinally.

2. When the machine room is adjacent to the control room, the outgoing end of the generator and the cable trench shall be close to the distribution room.

3. The battery should be close to the side of the starting motor.

4. The machine room shall have sufficient fresh air inlet. The hot air and smoke exhaust duct shall extend outside, the air inlet shall be set at the motor side, and the air outlet shall be set at the water tank side.

5. The machine room shall adopt comprehensive treatment measures of unit silencing and machine room sound insulation The units should be arranged horizontally. When restricted by the building site, they can be arranged longitudinally.

500kW Diesel Generator

B. Installation of generator set foundation.

1. A reinforced concrete base shall be poured on the floor.

2. The concrete base shall pass the pressure test of more than 173kPa for one month.

3. The concrete base shall be at least 150mm higher than the floor and extend at least 150mm from each side of the unit chassis. The "J" or "L" anchor bolts shall be embedded on the cement base.

4. A shock absorber must be installed between the engine and the oil tank.

5. The structure and strength of the oil tank must be able to bear the static load and dynamic load of the unit.

6. There must be a distance between the bottom of the oil tank and the ground for maintenance.

C. Installation of exhaust system of 500kW diesel generator.

1. Use hanger or bracket to support exhaust pipe and supercharger.

2. Bellows shall not be used as elbow and compensation for incorrect installation.

3. For units above 200kW, stainless steel bellows above 610mm shall be used.

4. The exhaust pipe shall be laid horizontally with a slope of 0.3-0.5%, and the slope shall be outdoor.

5. When configuring the exhaust pipe of 500kW diesel generator, it is forbidden to use the pipe with diameter smaller than the exhaust port.

6. If the exhaust pipe must be bent upward, a drain bolt shall be set at the starting point of rise.

7. When installing multiple generator sets, pay attention to the common exhaust pipe.

D. Installation of cooling system.

1. The air inlet should be set at the generator end or both sides of the generator, and the area should be 2.2 times larger than the area of the water tank.

2. The area of the air outlet shall be 1.5 times that of the water tank, and louvers and wind barriers shall be installed at the air outlet.

3. Connect the flexible air duct flange with the water tank to absorb the displacement and vibration of the unit and prevent the transmission of noise.

4. The hot air must be discharged outside the machine room through the air duct, and the cross-sectional area of the air duct should transition smoothly from small to large. If there is a bend in the air duct, a deflector must be installed to reduce the pressure loss.

5. When the ambient temperature is higher than the design temperature, power reduction shall be considered.

Hopw above information can help you when you install diesel generators. If you still have question about installation of genset, welcome to contact us by email, Dingbo Power technical team will support you. Or if you have plan to buy diesel generators, contact us to get price!

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