Analysis Of Cylinder Turnover Device Of Diesel Generator Assembly Line

Jan. 30, 2022

Abstract: It is easy to cause poor positioning and excessive loss of indexer when the assembly line of diesel generator factory turns over the cylinder block. According to statistics in 2021, cummins generator factory has shut down the turning machine for 38 times for maintenance, and the single maintenance time is 953 min, resulting in 813 min bus shutdown. The specific performance of the fault is as follows: A151 assembly line is prone to turn over the machine failure, falling diesel generator directly caused the cylinder block or the whole machine scrapped, resulting in offline maintenance; The indexer is abnormal damaged. Two indexers on line A151 have been replaced.


The action process of cylinder block reversal is: after the tray lifting mechanism is raised in place, the turning machine inverts the motor, and the grasping mechanism is reversed and reset to zero; The lifting mechanism drops, the clamping cylinder moves, and the mechanism positioning pin is grabbed into the process hole of the diesel generator (or flip auxiliary); After clamping in place, the lifting mechanism is raised, the turning motor is turned forward, and the diesel generator is turned over; After the lifting motor is in place, the lifting mechanism drives the diesel generator down, the diesel generator process hole enters the tray positioning pin, and the cylinder is clampped. The clamping mechanism loosens the diesel generator.


After investigation, it is found that there are the following problems in the following turnover process: the turnover reset to zero is not accurate, the positioning pin can not enter the diesel generator (or turnover auxiliary) process hole, and the shutdown report fault; The diesel generator does not turn over in place, the falling and turning tray cannot enter the positioning pin, the clamping mechanism is loosened, and the diesel generator falls into the roller table or is damaged on the ground.

 Analysis Of Cylinder Turnover Device Of Diesel Generator Assembly Line

To solve the above problems, we set improvement goals: to ensure the turning accuracy of the rotary machine, avoid the scrap rate of the diesel generator assembly line, and reduce the production cost; Reduce equipment failure rate, reduce maintenance times, improve production efficiency. With this goal in mind, we have carried out a series of work.


First, the reason analysis


Due to the analysis process, we found the following problems in the work: the selection of coupling is not reasonable, easy to loose and the space limit adjustment is not convenient; The rotation control mode of the indexer is unreasonable, and the function of the indexer is not fully used, so it cannot be accurately blocked and positioned.


The linkage between the input shaft and output shaft of the demultiplexer has the following relationship: the linkage area and the space area are divided into two areas within the 360° range of the input shaft. The linkage area drives the output shaft to rotate within the range of 270°, and the gap area is the remaining 90° input shaft to rotate but the output shaft is locked. The normal working mode is that the input shaft completely crosses the critical point of the region when stopping, and the output shaft is in the locking position, so that the locking of the indexer is safe and reliable, and the impact load is large.


The original detection method only detects the angular direction of the output axis, which can be set at any point in principle. If it stops at the non-locked position, the impact load resistance of the protractor is weak, and the impact load will cause great damage to the protractor. Two indexers on line A151 have been damaged because of this.

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