Application and Inspection of Pseudo Load on Diesel Generators

Oct. 10, 2023

As an emergency backup power source after a power outage, diesel generator sets are mostly in standby mode. Once a power outage occurs or a power shortage occurs, the backup diesel generator set plays a crucial role. However, it is often only after power supply shortcomings occur that we realize that the functionality of diesel generator sets is questionable, which indicates that many users do not pay attention to the common sense of checking and maintaining AC false loads for diesel generator sets.

In order to effectively prevent incidents from occurring, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of regular diesel generator sets, establish comprehensive inspection and maintenance regulations for diesel generator sets, and maintain diesel generator sets in a timely and standard manner. Inspection and maintenance are particularly important. This article provides a crucial introduction to the skills and challenges that widely exist in the maintenance process of emergency power supplies.

1. Check diesel generator set

After checking the AC dummy load used for maintenance of diesel generator set, it is possible to check the unbalanced load of the diesel generator set before adjusting, ensuring the steady-state voltage adjustment rate, steady-state frequency adjustment rate, transient voltage adjustment frequency, voltage recovery time, transient frequency adjustment rate, frequency recovery time, and the continued operation of the diesel generator set.

2. Check UPS

Output voltage imbalance, output voltage stabilization accuracy, overload adjustment, dynamic voltage transient scheme, switching time of mains battery, backup time, bypass inverter switching time.

Diesel Generators

3.The primary function of checking and maintaining fake loads for diesel generator sets

1. Query function

Search for abnormal records on diesel generator sets and view data on diesel generator sets.

2. Online communication

The viewer can be connected to the upper computer through the RS232/RS485 interface.

3. Intelligent control and data processing functions

(1) Data transfer: After viewing, the collected data can be transferred to a USB flash drive;

(2) Online monitoring of electrical parameters of the tested equipment;

(3) Function of data processing software: The data processing software is used in conjunction with the viewing device. Can set viewing parameters to analyze and process various electrical parameters, operation conditions, and abnormal records observed by the viewing device; Intelligent query, flash and print charts.

(4) After setting the parameters of the viewing device, the active viewing can be completed.

4. Parallel function

The same type of product can be combined, and this device is equipped with an RS485 digital parallel interface, which is controlled by the host and records the viewing process.

5. Shutdown maintenance function

The AC dummy load used for maintenance of diesel generator sets is based on the usual AC dummy load and load box, and an intelligent control system has been added. Maintenance settings such as phase loss, overvoltage, and undervoltage can be carried out. Once the parameters detected by the equipment exceed the set parameters, the equipment will announce a dynamic alarm and actively shut down for maintenance.

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