A Guide to Choosing the Right Cummins Generator for RV

Mar. 06, 2024

If you are hitting the road in your recreational vehicle (RV), it is necessary to have a reliable generator that can keep up with your power demands. But how to find a reliable power source to keep things in your RV running smoothly? At DingBo Power, we understand the importance of getting the most value for your money. This article covers exactly what Cummins generators for RV offer and you will be aware of both the functionality and the benefits.


What is An RV Generator?

It is a machine uses fuel to create enough power to run major appliances within your RV. It also charges your RV’s battery systems. Generators for RV produce electricity through an internal combustion engine and alternator. RV Generators can run on fuel like diesel, gasoline or propane. Some generators can use two separate types of fuel, which is helpful if you run out of one type and need a backup.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Cummins Generator for RV


How to Choose the Right RV Generator for Your Needs?


What are the factors you need to consider when looking for the right RV generator? In general, it involves three variables: size, noise level and eco-friendliness.



What size generator do I need for my RV?  A generator's size refers to the power it produces. When selecting a generator for RV, you need to figure out the output you need for your appliances. To calculate your wattage needs, add your appliances' watts together. Add up the starting wattage requirements of every appliance you will run at the same time and the total is the minimum wattage needed. Consider the surge Power, you should add about 20% to your maximum load so that your unit won't suffer the abuse of running nonstop at full power. Generally speaking, the higher a generator's wattage, the more expensive it will be.

Noise Level

Consider other campers are near your running generator or some places typically have quiet hours to help limit generator noise levels, you should consider purchasing a generator that operates with a lower dBA rating. For those who frequently camp at these destinations, a silent and environmental-friendly generator is needed since noise and exhaust fumes are not welcome when camping in close quarters.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Cummins Generator for RV


Fuel Type

There are two most common type of generators used in RVs: diesel and gasoline. These generators are primarily portable and manufactured especially to fit in RVs. Consider the cost, storage requirement, and availability of the two options, you can find out which suits your preference more. 


About DingBo Cummins Generator for RV

Cummins Inc. is an American multinational corporation which specializes in diesel and alternative fuel engines and generators, and related components and technology. Dingbo Power, founded in 2006, is a manufacturer of diesel generators in China, which has cooperated with Cummins for many years. Dingbo Power integrates the design, supply, debugging and maintenance of diesel generator set. 

A Guide to Choosing the Right Cummins Generator for RV


Cummins series of Dingbo diesel generators have been duly authorized by Cummins Inc., which can offer the perfect solution to enhance your power needs and you can have peace of mind throughout the entire trip. Dingbo Cummins generators, range from 20kw to 2000kw, are available in a range of sizes to suit various RV power needs. It contains 3 types :

1) DCEC Cummins genset: 20kw-400kw,

2) CCEC Cummins genset: 200kw-1500kw,

3) Cummins Inc. Genset: 20kw-2000kw.


Reasons to Choose DingBo Cummins Generators for RV


Dingbo Cummins generators have the following advantages:


Upgraded Power and Attractive Price

With the core technology of Cummins, Dingbo diesel generators give you reliable and consistent power, just like home. The products are compact, lightweight, quiet, and much more efficient than conventional generators. In addition to Cummins, Dingbo Power has long-term relationships with other well-known manufacturers of diesel engines like Perkins, Volvo, Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Ricardo, MTU, Wuxi power etc. and manufactures of generators like Wuxi Stamford, Leroysomer, Marathon, Siemens and so on. Spare parts are easy to get from worldwide market with much cheaper price. In this way, Dingbo Power can maintain quality and keep prices down at the same time.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Cummins Generator for RV


Low Noise

Cummins series of DingBo generators are equipped with ZGT type spring shock absorbers or chromed dampers between the bodies and bases. The interior of each generator is made of special silencing material, and the built-in muffler makes the structure compact. The products have features of anti-vibration & noise reduction, safety, reliability and durability, which set the standard for RV generators by dramatically lowering noise, vibration, and harshness of a generator when used in a luxury RV.


Dingbo Cloud On Line Service

DINGBO cloud on line service platform supports to manage operation, troubleshooting, maintenance of diesel generator sets by both mobile APP and computer, improving the efficiency of genset management for customers. This platform displays the real-time status of the diesel generator when you are hitting the road in your RV, which allows you to control the overall situation and set your generator right from your mobile phone as you explore.


A Guide to Choosing the Right Cummins Generator for RV

Global Warranty Support

Cummins series of Dingbo generators warranties are simple. Our warranty is 1 year or 1000 running hours, whichever comes first. But based on some special projects, we can extended our warranty period. The alternators we use like Stamford and marathon also enjoy the global warranty service, so you do not need to worry about the after-sales service. Whenever there is a defect in materials or workmanship under warranty, contact us and we will pay to fix it.



To sum up, when selecting the generator for RV, you need to consider the factors like the size, power capacity, noise level, and fuel type. The cost of a generator will vary depending on factors like the type of generator, power outputs, shelf life, and the brand. If you plan to embrace the great outdoors and need more help choosing an Cummins RV generator, contact us now to discuss your optimal power solution.   


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