Are 500kVA Diesel Generator Good for Power Outages

Jun. 30, 2022

Diesel generator set is a kind of power supply equipment that uses diesel engine as prime mover and drives synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a power generation device with rapid start, convenient operation and maintenance, less investment and strong adaptability to the environment.


In case of power failure, is 500KVA diesel generator set suitable for use as common power supply and emergency standby power supply?


Diesel generator set is a kind of small and medium-sized power generation equipment. It has the advantages of flexibility, less investment and convenient start-up. It is widely used in communication, mining, road construction, forest area, farmland irrigation, field construction and national defense engineering. The diesel generator set is also an AC power supply equipment in the self provided power station.


The diesel generator set is applicable to the occasions where the municipal power grid cannot be transmitted to the communication bureau station, mining area, forest area, pastoral area and national defense projects. It is required to be able to supply power independently as the main power supply for power and lighting. For areas with municipal power supply, units that require high reliability of power supply, are not allowed to cut off power and can quickly restore power supply within a few seconds, such as important departments such as communications, banks, hotels, airports, etc., can be used as emergency standby power supply. Once the municipal power supply is cut off, they can quickly provide stable AC power supply.

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Diesel generator sets, as power supply equipment, have also been widely used, especially by manufacturers with large power consumption. Even if they do not use the sets as the main power supply, they also need to be used as standby power supply in some unexpected cases to avoid production losses caused by power failures.


Of course, how much power diesel generator set should be used depends on different situations. If 500KVA diesel generator set is just suitable for your factory or enterprise, you can buy 500KVA diesel generator set. Before you buy it, you'd better ask the electrician to calculate the required power to avoid being unable to use it when you buy it back.


The main requirements for diesel generator set are that it can automatically start power generation at any time, operate reliably, ensure the voltage and frequency of power supply, and meet the requirements of electromechanical equipment.


500KVA diesel generator set for power failure emergency:

Preparations before starting the generator set:

1. The air in the fuel system must be exhausted when the diesel generator is started up for a time or restarted after a long shutdown.

2. Swing the switch trolley of the generator incoming cabinet to the working position and check whether the energy storage switch is closed.

3. If the ambient temperature is lower than zero, add a certain proportion of antifreeze in the radiator according to the proportion in the manual.

4. Check the oil supply, lubrication, cooling and other systems of the diesel engine for oil leakage and water leakage.

5. Check that the oil level, coolant level and fuel quantity of lubricating oil are within the specified range.

6. Check whether the electrical circuit has potential leakage hazards such as skin damage, whether the grounding wire and electrical circuit are loose, and whether the connection between the unit and the foundation is firm.


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