Cause of Undervoltage of Cummins Generator Set

Jan. 09, 2022

Nowadays, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the shortcomings of all kinds of equipment have been solved. Conventional Cummins generators, for example, can only be used in large and medium trucks. This is mainly because the traditional generator set volume, bulky, noise, vibration is higher reasons, so that its power index is not as good as gasoline engine, so that the use of Cummins generator set is limited to a very small range. With the introduction of advanced technology, the traditional Cummins generator set has been greatly improved, the existing shortcomings have also been very good solution, the continuous advancement of innovative technology, so that cummins generator set application scope continues to promote.

 Cause of Undervoltage of Cummins Generator Set

【 Common Cummins generator set failure analysis 】

1. Control wire failure or loosening, solution: check control wire repair or lock.

2. starting motor failure, solution: replace the starting motor. 

3. The diesel generator set starts improperly. Solution: Start according to the instructions.

4. Engine starting relay failure, solution: replace the starting relay.

5. diesel generator start/stop switch failure, solution: replace the start stop switch.

6. diesel generator start motor auxiliary electric translation fault, solution: replace the start motor auxiliary electric translation.

【 Common Cummins generator set undervoltage analysis 】

1. The mechanical speed regulation of Cummins generator set

Generator speed control points, electronic speed control and mechanical control, if it is a mechanical speed regulation, then on the generator set has a control of oil and oil pump body, seems to be called common rail pump, which has a pull rod, is to control the oil, call it speed regulating rod, speed regulating rod speed (high speed) on both sides of the distribution of a plunger plunger and speed control, switched on 20 s is low voltage, I do not know whether the voltage and frequency has not been up, if it has not been up, it may be caused by the speed is not up, you can adjust the speed rod to try, whenever the generator group failure, generally there is a main fault, the main fault is solved, and a series of secondary faults caused by it will be solved.

2, remanence

If the generator has no remanence, the voltage system of the generator cannot be built at the beginning. For this problem, we need to know how much V voltage the excitation output of the generator AVR voltage regulator is, and then connect the corresponding voltage source on the excitation output line for magnetization (the voltage type should be corresponding, and the polarity should not be reversed).

3. The voltage sampling line is loose

This is easy to understand, the voltage sampling line is loose, that must not be able to measure the voltage.

4. Pressure regulating plate failure

Due to the change of environmental factors, the parameters of the AVR adjustable clamp is no longer applicable, need to adjust, in general, the weaver generator way basically won't appear this kind of problem, because the parameters of the adjustable clamp is fixed value (400 v), generally we are adjustable, is only used to weaver unit may appear this kind of problem, Because in AVR adjustable clamp and machine is adjusted according to the main bus-bar voltage, it is not static, this time, the weaver devices typically have a pressure regulating signal into AVR adjustable clamp, this kind of situation or check the regulating signal if there is any wrong, or try the boot quickly using electronic control device (weaver, adjustable clamp, etc.) reset voltage.

5. Grounding fault

If the line is three-phase grounded, then the voltage and current are very low, this time to check the grounding discharge device (such as ground knife) is not closed or grounded.

6, the generator winding varistor or rectifier bridge diode damage

The varistor overvoltage fault occurs varistor conduction with step-down, breakdown or for other reasons if the varistor is conduction, so it is conceivable that voltage is very low, there are six diode rectifier bridge, setting of the dc power to supply adjustable clamp and excitation device, such as if the diode rectifier bridge damage, adjustable clamp and the effect of excitation device such as will be discounted.

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