Causes and Solutions of Insufficient Fuel Combustion of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 02, 2021

A video of a flue explosion in a residential area in Xi 'an has sparked heated discussion online. It is reported that the same day is the property, diesel generator manufacturers, and real estate company staff in the commissioning of the fuel generator. They are ready to hand over to the property, the results of the commissioning process suddenly occurred in the flue explosion accident. After a preliminary investigation, it is judged that the diesel generator set inside the fuel combustion is not sufficient to cause a safety accident. Then this piece of ding Bo electric power editor for you to talk about the diesel generator set fuel insufficient combustion reasons and how to improve the diesel generator set combustion insufficient problem.


The fuel of power generator cannot be fully burned due to many reasons. The lack of oxygen in the cylinder will cause the insufficient combustion of diesel, and the lack of oxygen is the lack of air. The main reasons are in the gas circulation system.


1. The parts of the distributor are loose, worn and deformed, the relative position of camshaft gear and crankshaft timing gear changes, and the valve opening and closing time is incorrect.

2.Muffler corrosion, carbon or oil.

3.Inlet and exhaust valve clearance is too large, so that the valve opening is reduced.

4. Too much dust in the filter element of the air filter is blocked, resulting in a reduction in the amount of air entering.

5.Diesel atomization problems will also cause diesel can not be fully burned.

Causes and Solutions of Insufficient Fuel Combustion of Diesel Generator Set


If the fuel combustion of diesel generator sets is not sufficient, it will be easily cause air pollution, and when it is serious, it will also endanger the personal safety of operators. Users can improve the fuel by the following methods to reduce pollution.


1.Intake jet

The main role of the intake pipe water spray is to absorb heat and dilute the fuel density. When a small amount of water into the combustion chamber and atomization, due to the effect of micro explosion of the water vapor droplets broken into smaller droplets, thus promoting the mixture formation and combustion, due to the effect of heat of the water in the combustion process can make the maximum combustion temperature is reduced, the water mixed with oil injection can reduce fuel density, to further reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the NOx emissions. It should be noted that the storage tank of diesel generator set should be antifreeze in winter, and the water spraying amount should be automatically adjusted with the load size.


2.Emulsified diesel oil

Mixing water in diesel oil, namely emulsified diesel oil, because of its seal explosion effect, make its fuel atomization is good, and promote the formation of strong turbulence in the air combustion chamber, fuel and air distribution is more uniform, the carbon smoke generated, water gas reaction of water vapor also make the carbon smoke emission is reduced. In addition, emulsified diesel oil can reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the nox production is reduced.


Through the adjustment of fuel oil to promote the combustion of fuel oil, fuel combustion after the full emission of harmful gas diesel generator set is naturally less.So it is quite effective to reduce environmental pollution and ensure the safety of the working environment.If you want to know more about Diesel generator,welcome to contact us by email

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