Hospital Backup Diesel Generators

Jul. 31, 2021

For the majority of hospitals, the stable supply of electricity is related to the lives and health of many patients. Therefore, these medical institutions should and must be prepared for the worst case, even in the event of a sudden power outage. Moreover, the sudden interruption of power supply may be caused by many reasons, such as a vehicle knocking down a telephone pole or simply due to an aging power grid, or the interruption of the power supply caused by extreme weather, but regardless of the reason, one thing needs to be clear , These medical institutions must ensure the stable power supply required for normal operations.


Then, the backup diesel generators is a reliable backup power supply solution. Even if the hospital encounters a sudden power outage, it can ensure the normal operation of the hospital, and will not cause medical accidents due to power outages. In fact, diesel generator sets are also one of the most commonly used backup power solutions in the entire industry.


So, why does the hospital have to have enough backup power equipment? What happens if a hospital loses power? Below, let us take a look.


Every day, a considerable number of people need continuous treatment, scheduled surgery, laboratory tests, scans, X-rays, B-ultrasound, routine examinations or hospital services. These services are unique medical devices that rely heavily on electricity to operate. Even during surgery or treatment, some people must use life support machines such as dialysis machines or ventilators for a period of time. Power failure may render these devices inoperable, thereby endangering the health and even lives of patients. The hospital is also equipped with cold storage equipment to store intravenous (IV) systems, life-saving drugs, vaccines, and blood that must be stored in a temperature-controlled environment.

 Hospital Backup Diesel Generators

Therefore, the backup generator in the hospital is particularly important. It is not only to provide emergency power supply for doctors and patients, but also to maintain the functions of medical equipment and life-saving equipment, such as oxygen pumps, ventilators, and electric surgery. Equipment, etc., because they need to keep the heating or cooling system working normally, and the safety and detection systems are running, they must maintain a stable power supply. If the hospital is equipped with insufficient backup power, these may become very complicated or even invalid.

So, what standards does the hospital have for emergency power supplies?


To put it simply, the most basic element of the standard for a hospital standby diesel generator is the response time of the generator. After the power outage of the public grid, the failure to provide sufficient power supply for these machines in a timely and rapid manner may not be able to bear it for a moment for patients who need life support. Generally speaking, in China, according to relevant data, the hospital's backup power supply must be activated within no more than ten seconds. In addition, the hospital must store enough fuel on site to ensure that the generator runs for a total of more than 96 hours, in case the power outage lasts for several days.


For the summer when electricity consumption is severe, the key to preventing power outages is to prepare sufficient backup power solutions.

No one can calculate the risk of a power outage in a hospital. However, various measures can be taken to ensure that you and your hospital's backup generator are ready.

First of all, as mentioned above, all necessary standards are met.

Next, check every week.

Third, monthly inspections, through regular running tests, potential problems can be found early.

Fourth, adequate training of employees is essential.

Finally, when life depends on hospital backup generators, you need enough fuel to keep it running. Diesel generators are a popular choice for backup power solutions.


In mission-critical environments such as hospitals and emergency rooms, power outages will weaken all life-saving efforts, endangering not only patients but also employees. If you are considering installing a generator or upgrading an existing generator, but find that you encounter difficulties throughout the process, please contact Dingbo Power manufacturer, we will give you the best power supply solutions. Call us by +8613481024441, or email us 

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