Do You Know Why the Diesel Generator Set Is Short of Power

Jul. 05, 2021

The reasons for insufficient power of diesel generator set include: exhaust pipe blockage, air filter uncleanness, piston and cylinder liner strain, too large or too small fuel supply advance angle, etc. When the user finds that the power is insufficient, he should find out the root cause in time to make the unit operate normally.

When the power of diesel generator set is insufficient, it will lead to abnormal exhaust pipe smoke, uneven exhaust sound, speed reduction, unstable operation and other fault phenomena, thus affecting the normal operation of the unit. So what is the reason for the insufficient power of the generator set? This article by the professional diesel generator manufacturers - Dingbo power for you to analyze.

The first reason: the exhaust pipe is blocked.


Blockage of exhaust pipe will result in blocked exhaust and reduced fuel efficiency. Power is down. Check whether the exhaust resistance increases due to too much carbon in the exhaust pipe. Generally, the exhaust back pressure should not exceed 3.3kpa, and the carbon deposit in the exhaust pipe should be cleaned frequently.


The second reason: the air filter is not clean.


The unclean air filter will increase the resistance, reduce the air flow, and reduce the charging efficiency, resulting in the lack of engine power. Clean the diesel air filter core or remove the dust on the paper filter element according to the requirements, and replace the filter element if necessary.


Insufficient power of diesel generator.


The third reason: piston and cylinder liner strain.


Due to the serious strain or wear of piston and cylinder liner, and the increase of friction loss caused by piston ring gluing, the mechanical loss of the engine itself increases, the compression ratio decreases, the ignition is difficult or the combustion is insufficient, the lower inflation increases, and the air leakage is serious. At this time, the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring should be replaced.


The fourth reason : the oil supply advance angle is too large or too small.

Do You Know Why the Diesel Generator Set Is Short of Power


Too large or too small fuel supply advance angle will lead to too early or too late fuel injection time of fuel pump (too early fuel injection time will lead to insufficient fuel combustion, too late will lead to white smoke and insufficient fuel combustion), so that the combustion process is not in the best state.At this time, check whether the screw of the fuel injection transmission shaft adapter is loose. If it is loose, adjust the fuel supply advance angle again according to the requirements, and tighten the screw.


The above are the four reasons for the lack of power of diesel generator set shared by Dingbo power, a professional diesel generator manufacturer. I hope it can help you. Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a modern production base, professional R & D team, advanced manufacturing technology, perfect quality management system, sound after-sales service guarantee, from product design, supply, commissioning, maintenance, to provide you with a comprehensive, intimate one-stop diesel generator solutions.If you are interested in diesel generator set, you are welcome to contact us by email


















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