What Is the Reason for the "Traveling Block" of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 05, 2021

The "traveling block" of power generator refers to the phenomenon that the generator set has a long cycle and regular time fast and time slow phenomenon in the range of low speed and medium speed during operation. What is the reason for this? This article by the professional diesel generator manufacturers - Dingbo power for you to do a detailed analysis.


The first reason: the fuel supply gear rod of diesel generator set is not flexible enough.


The fuel supply gear rod of fuel injection pump must be absolutely flexible to ensure the sensitivity of speed regulation response.A sensitive spring scale is used to test the pull resistance of the toothed rod, and the pull resistance of the injection pump corresponding to cylinder II, IV, VI and VIII shall not be greater than 60, 90, 130 and 150 g respectively. Due to rust, deformation of plunger couple after fastening, crushing of meshing part between gear ring and gear rod after plunger spring breaking, serious wear of shaft sleeve at gear rod end, incorrect fastening angle of fork of fork type fuel regulating mechanism, poor installation or coordination of thrust swash plate and flying ball seat of domestic fuel injection pump governor, the flexibility of fuel supply gear rod will be affected.When the resistance which affects flexibility is not enough to make the supply gear rod completely unable to move, the phenomenon of "traveling block" will appear.


What Is the Reason for the "Traveling Block" of Diesel Generator Set


Causes of diesel generator traveling block.


The second reason: the steady speed spring of diesel generator set is not adjusted properly.


This is similar to the improper adjustment of the speed stabilizing spring when the idle speed is unstable. The reason why this kind of situation is "traveling block" is that the speed stabilizing spring and the oil supply gear rod can not work together flexibly.


The third reason: the internal lever of the governor of diesel generator set is loose due to the wear of connecting pin hole.


In this case, the two-way speed regulating movement of increasing and decreasing the oil supply has produced too much directional lag. When the engine is working, the speed control response will be lagged behind the actual speed change, but the lag can not be too large, otherwise, it will produce a large amplitude of adjustment.The regulation amplitude is too large, that is, when the speed has been increased or decreased due to the increase or decrease of fuel supply, the fuel will continue to increase or decrease until the speed exceeds the regulation range of the governor. Only when the speed exceeds the regulation range of the governor, can the strong feedback signal realize the reaction of reverse regulation through the governor. As a result, the speed regulation response exceeds the predetermined range, It results in the phenomenon of "traveling block" that the rotational speed rises and falls regularly and repeatedly near a certain value.


The "traveling block" of diesel generator set is the result that the speed regulation response lags behind the actual speed change too much. In this case, the user should analyze the above three reasons, find out the problem, and solve the "problem" in time, so as to make the generator set operate normally.Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is an OEM manufacturer of diesel generator brand in China, which integrates design, supply, commissioning and maintenance of diesel generator set. From product design, supply, commissioning and maintenance, it provides you with all-round pure spare parts, technical consultation, installation guidance, free commissioning, free maintenance and repair of diesel generator set Unit transformation and personnel training, five-star worry free after-sales service.


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