Explore The Development Of Diesel Generator Intake System

Feb. 03, 2022

1, Cummins generator set pressurized air intake system

Turbocharging is an air compressor that uses clouds of exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine to drive it. The supercharging device can improve the air mass flow into the cylinder by compressing the air needed for fuel combustion under the condition of the same working volume and speed of the diesel generator, and then improve the power density of the diesel generator. The composition of the supercharger system not only includes the supercharger body, intercooler, supercharger cooling pipeline hardware body, but also includes the supercharger pressure sensor, air flow meter, speed sensor, detonation sensor, fuel injector, ignition coil and other electronic sensors for signal feedback. Turbocharger main body includes exhaust bypass valve and the inlet pressure relief valve, electronic sensor feedback signal, such as the EMS system through speed judgment operator demand for diesel generator power, so as to output a pressurization duty ratio, control the supercharger subject of exhaust bypass valve opening, so that more exhaust into the exhaust turbine side, increase the pressure, make the inlet pressure to achieve goals, Increase diesel generator power. When EMS receives the vehicle from each electronic sensor does not need to boost the power, at this time the EMS output pressurized duty ratio is 0, exhaust from the bypass pipeline discharge, the supercharger is no longer pressurized on the intake; EMS also controls the opening of the intake pressure relief valve on the supercharger to quickly reduce the intake pressure to the non-pressurized level and the diesel generator power to the target power. The inherent characteristics of supercharger determine the maximum supercharger intensity. The inherent characteristics of the supercharger include the maximum speed allowed by the supercharger and the surge line of the supercharger. When a certain type of supercharger is selected for the diesel generator, the inherent characteristics of the supercharger system are determined. According to the maximum allowable speed of the turbocharger and the surge line of the turbocharger, the maximum turbocharging ratio at each power speed is calibrated for diesel generator bench calibration. After the calibration of diesel generator, the basic control direction of turbocharger has been determined.



2, Cummins generator set variable valve timing system

When the speed and load of diesel generator change, the intake volume, discharge volume, inlet and exhaust flow velocity, the duration of intake and exhaust stroke, the combustion process in the cylinder are different, and the requirements of valve phase and valve lift are also different. For example: when the speed is high, the inlet flow velocity is high and the inertia energy is large, so it is hoped that the inlet valve will be opened earlier and closed later, so as to make full use of the inertia of the inlet flow and charge the fresh air into the cylinder as much as possible; On the contrary, when the diesel generator speed is low, the inlet flow rate is low, and the inertia energy is small. If the inlet valve late closing Angle is too large, the fresh gas that has entered the cylinder will be squeezed out of the cylinder by the upward piston in the compression stroke. Similarly, if the intake valve is opened too early, because the piston is ascending exhaust, it is easy to squeeze the exhaust gas into the intake pipe, so that the residual exhaust gas in the intake increases, but the fresh gas is reduced, so that the diesel generator is not stable. As a result, there is no fixed valve phase setting that provides optimal performance for diesel generators at both high and low speeds. The variable valve timing (VVT) system can improve the fuel economy, power performance and operation stability of diesel generators under various speeds and loads by changing the distribution phase of diesel generators, and reduce emissions pollution.


3, Cummins generator set electronic valve technology

Diesel generators at different speeds. Requirements for valve travel vary greatly. At low speed, because the intake volume is small, if the valve travel is large, it will not be able to produce enough intake negative pressure, the injector can not be fully mixed with the inhaled air after injection, resulting in low combustion efficiency, low speed torque will be greatly reduced, and emissions will also increase. In this case, a smaller valve stroke should be used. Due to the small valve travel, the intake negative pressure is increased, and the resulting large number of vortices can fully mix the mixture to meet the normal operation of the diesel generator at low speed. At high speed, the situation is the opposite. At this time, the intake volume is very large. If the valve travel is too small, the intake resistance will be too large to inhale enough air, thus affecting the performance of power. Therefore, at high speed, it is necessary to have a large valve travel, in order to obtain the best valve demand. To reduce fuel consumption, BMW's adjustable valve mechanism directs the amount of air into the diesel generator not through the throttle but through the adjustable lift of the intake valve. By means of an electrically adjustable eccentric shaft, the action of the camshaft on the roller valve pressure rod is changed by an intermediate lever, thereby generating an adjustable intake valve lift. The throttle is only used during starting and emergency operation. In all other operating conditions the throttle is fully open with little throttling. Electronic valve technology achieves the best balance of power torque output of diesel generator under different speed conditions through stepless adjustment of valve stroke.


The continuous progress of today's society has also caused many negative effects on the environment on which we live. In such a situation, under the influence of the future development of science and technology of the generating set of low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection development has gradually become a trend, the development of the diesel generator air intake system research, not only help us further understand the development regularity of diesel generator air intake system, also for the future study of generator air intake system exploration play a guiding role, The disadvantages of high fuel consumption and high pollution rate of generator sets can be solved step by step.





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